Terrie Lane DriveProfit Welcomes Terrie Lane as New Chief Operating Officer

Posted on: June 18th, 2018

With over 16 years of experience, Terrie Lane will lead financial, human resources and administrative functions for DriveProfit.   NEWTOWN, Conn. — June 15, 2018 — Boutique premium transportation and travel services marketing agency, DriveProfit, today welcomed Terrie Lane as its new Chief Operating Officer. A seasoned professional with over 16 years of experience in […]

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online Guest Blog Post – Jim Luff from Chosen Payments | Managing Your Online Reputation

Posted on: June 7th, 2018

Do Online Reviews Really Matter? You can bet they do. They have given consumers the power to share good experiences as well as the bad. Too many bad reviews and you will soon find yourself out of business as negative comments and experiences drive potential customers away from your business. With so many review sites […]

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seo Guest Blog Post – Jim Luff from Chosen Payments | SEO to the Top

Posted on: May 31st, 2018

Most business owners would agree that standing out on Google and other search engine platforms is their primary goal. This goal stands above having the most beautifully designed website with lots of bells and whistles. Let’s face it, if no one is visiting your site, you might as well have a blank homepage. More visits […]

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seo Guest Blog Post – Jim Luff from Chosen Payments | Search Engine Optimization – A Slow Death

Posted on: April 26th, 2018

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) maybe starting a slow death.  Optimizing websites for search visibility through content, inbound links, and technical upgrades is more now going to be more important than ever. On the other hand, it’s become very apparent to our web designers that see beyond the immediate horizon that traditional SEO is slowly but […]

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email marketing How to nurture leads with email marketing

Posted on: April 17th, 2018

The way people are searching and finding information online is radically changing due to the Internet of Things (IoT). The good news is that this interconnectedness lets businesses use social media, video, audio, blogging and numerous other platforms to deliver content to people. Email is still a valid choice too. In fact, email is still […]

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marketing Guest Blog Post – Jim Luff from Chosen Payments | Content Marketing

Posted on: April 12th, 2018

Content marketing has become all the rage.  With the right content on your website or in your blogs you can pull visitors from Facebook, YouTube, Google and other social media platforms. Great content can help with search engine optimization and inbound marketing. The only problem with this whole concept is that your competitors may know […]

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customer Cut Corners on Service and You Will Lose Customers

Posted on: April 3rd, 2018

There were only three grocery stores in the new neighborhood where Karen just moved. She went to the one closest to her home and looked the most attractive. When she made her first trip there and began loading groceries on to the conveyor belt, she began to notice the odd behavior of the cashier. The […]

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websites 11 Ways to Get Visitors to Your site to Become Leads You Can Close

Posted on: March 27th, 2018

Every visitor to your website is a potential customer. Each of your website’s visitors can be a potential customer. It’s possible that a visitor saw your ad or postcard and entered your URL into their browser. It’s also possible they came across your site after searching for services on Google. Regardless of how it happened, […]

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marketing How to Generate More Leads with Drip Marketing

Posted on: March 20th, 2018

Due to the rise of the Internet, we now have a very diverse array of marketing strategies.  It’s pointless to say we are in the digital age, as we are all aware that our daily commute, workplace and job are constantly changing due to increased technology. If an industry does not adapt to these trends, […]

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facebook 4 Ways to Take Advantage of the New Facebook Algorithm

Posted on: March 13th, 2018

Facebook announced in January that it was changing its newsfeed algorithm to “encourage meaningful interactions between people” by prioritizing content from friends, family, and groups over “public content posts by businesses, brands, and media”. The move has been made in reaction to a perceived failure of Facebook to give priority to quality, meaningful posts that […]

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