Guest Blog Post — Jim Luff from Chosen Payments |10 Things That Ruin Sales Opportunities

Selling is an art of listening and offering solutions to situations presented by a potential client. The best presentations in the world won't close the sale if you are not listening to what the client wants. Don't ruin a sales opportunity by committing one of the ten most common ins in sales.


#1 – No One Cares About You

While you may have a great life or be the best salesperson in the world, your potential client probably doesn't really care. They probably don't care about what year your company started or what awards they have received. They are busy and want to talk about their own company and their own needs. Don't spend too much time on yourself.


#2 – Know When to be Quiet

Be sure to listen intently and show interest in what your client is saying. This is what will really help you land sales.  Don't try to sell your prospective clients things they don't want or need. Learn what they are really looking for and focus your pitch to those needs. When closing time comes, there won't be any objections because you met their needs.


#3 – Ask Questions

You will never know what your client's needs are unless you ask questions. Control the conversation by asking questions and waiting for the answer. Next, repeat back to them what you understood their need to be so they know you are listening and understand their needs.


#4 – Don't Oversell!

If a client displays an interest or buying signals, close the sale! Even if you have a twenty minute PowerPoint presentation that took you two weeks to create, if your client is ready to buy, don't keep hammering the features and benefits. Get a pen in their hand and get the order signed.


#5 – Know Who You Are Pitching

If you don't get in front of the decision-maker your pitch could be perfect but you can't close the deal. You might believe that someone appointed to meet with you on behalf of the decision-maker is going to pitch your message for you. They will not have the same enthusiasm as you. Get to the right players.


#6 – Demonstrate Credibility

Rather than saying, we have 800+ satisfied clients in your industry, provide a two-sided list of testimonials from the most popular clients in a particular industry. In other words, don't just say it, prove it.


#7 – Failing To Understand

Before you go and pitch someone, make sure you understand what their business is all about. What are their needs?  Learn some lingo if you can. Talking with knowledge about the unique needs of a potential client can go a long way.


#8 – Be Available & Responsible

If you have a previously booked appointment at a time your client wants to meet with you, think about changing your schedule around. If a client is calling upon you for the appointment, that is a huge buying signal. What is the conflicting appointment? Can it be changed? Is it likely to result in an immediate sale? If you promise a client a quote by next Friday, get it there on Thursday.


#9 – Be Respectful

Show up on time for appointments but no too early. Dress properly for the appointment. Make sure to always thank someone for their time.


#10 – Don't Be Desperate

Don't make your potential client think that you are begging. Helping you hit your quota or win an award will not close a sale in most cases. Finding solutions to the client's needs will close your sales.


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Posted on May 13 2016

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Guest Blog Post — Jim Luff from Chosen Payments |10 Things That Ruin Sales Opportunities



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