15 Quick Tips for Attending a Trade Show

The clock is ticking! The industry-leading event of the fall, the Chauffeur Driven Show 2017, is being held October 22 to 25 in Orlando.

As exhibitors and leaders in the limousine marketing industry, we've been behind the scenes not only prepping our booth, but we have also put together a short guide to help you get the most out of Chauffeur Driven or any other show you attend this year.

There are so many booths you want to visit, so many people to see, so much to learn and so little time. Tradeshows are full of networking and learning opportunities, so planning and preparation are essential if you want to get the most out of such an event.

A trade show can be overwhelming for attendees so, before you hit the road, take your time and read our tips below.

Before the trade show:

  • Prepare

To get the most from attending a trade show, establish a clear strategy. Before attending the event, make sure you are fully prepared.  Thoroughly research the trade show, the exhibitors; discover what seminars, workshops and other learning and networking opportunities the trade show has to offer.

Always make sure you have set clear goals. It is important to know what you want to achieve by visiting the trade show.  Do your research and create a list of exhibitors you want to see and talk to and decide how much time you want to spend talking with each other; prepare a set of intelligent questions to ask them.


  • Set appointments

If necessary, set appointments as early as possible to make sure you won't miss the chance to talk with all the exhibitors you want. Once you've set the appointments, you can plan the entire day accordingly. Of course, you can set appointments at the trade show, but if possible, make all the arrangements before the show.


  • Get a map of the trade show

Get a map of the trade show — better yet download the show's app –  and make it easy to navigate through the chaos. Use your map or app so that you can prioritize your route without wasting precious time searching for a certain booth – this can be really exhausting.


Extra tips:

  • Book a room in advance to maximize on discounted rates. If possible, choose a hotel close to the trade show site to save time.
  • Pack comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Pre-register for the trade show to avoid long lines.
  • Bring plenty of business cards.

During the trade show:

  • Get an updated guide of the event

Consult the latest version of the trade show's agenda. Exhibitors may have made some last minute changes and you don't want to miss anything, right?

  • Network, network, network

You and your company invest a lot of time and money to attend the trade show so make the most of it. Don't be afraid to introduce yourself to others — make yourself visible an increase your credibility and chances to build new business relationships. Don't forget to hand out your business cards!

  • Attend seminars and workshops

Trade shows are a great opportunity to learn new things as they are packed with seminars, workshops, Q&A sessions.


Extra tips:

  • Stay healthy — trade shows can be exhausting for your body so take care of yourself: eat breakfast as you need a lot of energy to keep going all day long, stay hydrated, bring healthy snacks and rest.
  • Smile — this is the most overlooked trade show skills but remember that networking is the main reason you attend a trade show. Smile, shake hands, be social and have an approachable attitude.
  • Have fun — yes, enjoy yourself! Who said trade shows must be all corporate-like? Go to the trade show's after party, discover the city, and make new friends — this is the best moment to relax and connect with new people.


After the trade show:

  • Plan how are you going to implement the information you've learned

When you return from the trade show, develop a strategy to implement the information gathered.

  • Follow up

After the trade show is over, make sure you keep in touch with your contacts.

Trade shows can be overwhelming, but they certainly are full of good vibes and adrenaline. Follow our tips and get the most out of Chauffeur Driven in Orlando and the rest of the show season.

Join us at the Orlando Chauffeur Driven Trade Show & Conference, October 22nd — 25th. We will be there, and we would love to meet you so don't forget to stop by booth #57!

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Posted on Oct 18 2017

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15 Quick Tips for Attending a Trade Show



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