3 aspects you need to check if you are thinking of redesigning your limo website

Design drives innovation, innovation powers brand, brands build loyalty and loyalty sustains profits. If you want long-term profits, start with design.

Web design isn't art. It involves a whole collection of different skills from copywriting and typography to layout and art all fused together to create an interface that not only features a pleasant aesthetic but that communicates function and facilitates easy access to its content.

But in order to combine all these elements of Web design together and achieve successful results you must have a clear direction, a direction that will guide each and every aspect of your design towards common goals. You must think strategically.

Your website needs to be designed and built to deliver this experience for your customers so they quickly get to know your business and convert from anonymous visitors into new leads.

There are many websites out there that look fantastic and sport the latest trends in design yet often fail miserably in their intended function. Design trends are, of course, important because they give you fresh inspiration and new techniques, but the implementation of those techniques and styles needs to be intelligent and focused.

By considering these three aspects when redesigning your limo website, you'll get a lead-generating machine instead of an infrequently visited online brochure.

Each Page Needs Strategy and Thinking

Every page on your site needs to tell a “story “, and that story needs to connect with your customers. Fail in this task, and you'll end up with a worthless website. To make sure this doesn't happen, you need to invest the time and money to strategically think through every single page on your site.

Today's sites are long, scrolling stories with lots of opportunities to convert. These types of sites take time to create, and they take very specific expertise. The strategy applied to these pages is the difference between leads and no leads.

What You Say On Your Site Is Important

What you say on your site matters. It matters a lot. Visitors have to know what you do, that you understand their transportation needs, face their challenges and that you deliver solutions for those needs like no other competitor.

Then, they need some social proof. Whom have you helped that looks like me and my company? If you can't get those message across quickly, on the home page, you're not taken into consideration.

Don't skip this step. Without it, you won't realize any leads.

SEO and Conversion

Your site needs to be built with the goal of having all those pages get ranked on Google, Yahoo and Bing. These search engines don't rank websites; they rank web pages. This is one reason why you want to have time working on each individual page. You need to apply the same strategic thinking to the keywords and keyword phrases.

Keep conversion in mind, too. This means you need pages for people in the Awareness phase of their buyer journey, pages for people in the Consideration phase and pages for people in the Decision phase. Fail to deliver visitors the right page at the right time in their buyer journey, and you will have no leads.

If you don't want an online brochure, you need to think much more strategically about your website. That means allocating the appropriate level of investment in your site, selecting an expert to not only help you design and build it, but someone that  has the experience using websites to drive leads; an expert that views your website as a tool. This tool needs to be used properly to accomplish a task. The task in this case is converting visitors into leads.

The DriveProfit Advantage


New Website Designs:  Are you launching your limousine business or do you need to create a brand new image? Our experts in limousine website design and content creation will deliver a website that focuses on the needs of your target customer — the person who will buy your limousine services — while positioning your limousine company as an industry leader and authority.

Website Overhauls:  Is your website several years old or simply not generating the leads you need to convert new business? The limo website design experts at DriveProfit will work with your existing site and update it to answer your buyers' single most important question: "What's in it for me?"

Landing Pages: Did you know that landing pages are one of the best ways to jump-start lead generation? DriveProfit's online limousine marketing professionals, copywriters and design experts will provide optimized content and a unique user experience to generate more interest in your service offerings, encourage action and drive more high-quality leads.

Are you interested in learning more about our website services? Please contact DriveProfit today for more information and receive a copy of our complimentary whitepaper: "10 Rules for Creating a Website that Sells".

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Posted on Mar 02 2016

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3 aspects you need to check if you are thinking of redesigning your limo website



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