3 Habits That Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Gaining customer loyalty takes more than just providing quality services. The one thing that will make or break a good customer relationship is the "customer experience”. You can easily win new business and maintain strong, long-term customer relationships by following a few simple habits. The following are the top three habits you should follow:

The Clarity Habit

Always watch what you say! Always be specific, and clarify any points that could be misinterpreted. Rather than just saying, "I'll call you back right away," give someone an exact time. What you think "right away" is might be different than what a customer thinks. Customers can be easily driven away by misconceptions and misunderstandings. Customers will be drawn by clarity!

The Consistency Habit

New customers can be treated royally before the contract is signed, but then the service gradually tapers off. This inconsistency will drive away your customer's trust. Always follow a clearly defined set of standards for customer service so that each new interaction with a customer is just like the previous one.

To develop a habit of consistency, everyone on your team must follow the same standards, which includes procedures relating to phone, email, chat and person-to-person interaction. This will ensure that all customers will get a consistent and positive experience, regardless of who on your team they are working with.

The Availability Habit

Customers always seem to want things IMMEDIATELY! If a new call or email arrives requesting something, get in the habit of seeing to it right away so the customer knows you got the message. It doesn't matter if it takes a couple days to get an answer to them, contact them to give them an estimated date and/or time for when you can give them the information they need. Don't be surprised when customer loyalty rises when you develop this habit!

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Posted on Dec 18 2017

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3 Habits That Strengthen Customer Loyalty



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