3 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Limo Website for Lead Generation

Posted on Mar 17th 2016 under Lead Nurturing

Every limo business owner has hopes that each person who is casually browsing their website will turn into a lead.  There is no secret way that will magically turn website visitors into leads. It is a process that requires strategy and testing in order to optimize the site to produce leads. Having a functioning website is not enough. It takes planning and effort to make your limo site work for you. We are sharing with you 3 simple ways to increase your conversion rate and optimize your limo website for leads.

  1. Start with Organic SEO

Each page of your limo website, including blog posts, should be optimized with keyword phrases your prospects use to find the answers they're looking for; you need to produce a steady stream of quality content that your audience wants to read.

  1. Targeted Calls to Action

Assuming you have content that is engaging, educational for your prospect, the next step is to have a call to action and the perfect place for that is at the end of your post content. Include in your blog posts social media sharing buttons and Related Posts. The social media sharing buttons encourage readers to share your content, giving you even more potential leads. And, the links to Related Posts encourage readers to stay on your site to read even more great content. The more engaged they are with your content, the more likely they are to sign up for one of your CTA's.

  1. Create emotion, make them feel special.

Even in today's digital world, people want to feel special, and the perfect place for this is the thank you page after a call to action form has been completed. Saying "thank you for sharing/subscribing" is great, but what can you do to make that experience even better? Showing your prospect that you go above and beyond to make them feel special is more important. You never know who they might tell about the great experience they had with your limo business. One idea is to add a bonus they weren't expecting on the landing page or email that contains their download link.


You must realize that no matter how optimized your website is for generating leads, or how wonderful and informative your content and landing pages are, your leads will never just magically become clients. It's going to take time to cultivate and grow your leads into customers. One easy way to do this is to continue to send emails with great content on things that interest them. Getting your name in front of them via your newsletter on a weekly schedule is going to keep your name at the front of their mind.

The DriveProfit Advantage

We know that it is not easy to coordinate an effective lead nurturing system as part of your limousine marketing program, especially when you are focused on running a busy limousine company. DriveProfit is known for creating effective information that maps the stages of the sales funnel for lead nurturing.

Our senior marketing team has more than 30 years of experience in the ground transportation and travel industries, and we will work with you to create and promote lead nurturing campaigns, and provide you with the industry-leading limousine marketing automation tools to move more limousine customer leads down the sales funnel even faster.

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