3 strategies for getting your sales team to stay on brand

Posted on Jul 19th 2016 under Marketing Strategy

Salespeople move quickly. They sell and make quota, and that’s what they do best. However, if this is the case, then why is that salespeople spend only 35 percent of their time actually selling?

Limo companies must align their marketing and sales teams so that sales reps can easily locate contextually relevant content quickly and easily to ensure they stay on brand.

Often, salespeople piece stories together about their respective business using the most readily available content. They’re rushing to make the first point of contact with a prospect with whatever they have at hand. The challenge with this, however, is that a sales rep’s communication with a prospect can potentially go off brand.

Let's say you have an email from a potential customer asking you rates and vehicle available. Your on call sales representative opens the mail and starts to answer quickly: The rates are… and our available vehicles are. Maybe your sales representative doesn't even call the customer to ask for more details of his requirements just sends the email and moves to another one.

The same customer would like to know much more info so he replies or sends another email. This time, the on call customer representative is much more thorough, he even calls the customer for more details and in the end, he sends another email with different rates and another type of vehicles available.

Customers become confused when two rep relays a different message to the same question. In fact, according to a study conducted by Velocify, inconsistent messaging rounded out the top five worst experiences reported by customers when interacting with sales reps. That’s important, considering approximately 85 percent of a company’s brand image is impacted by the direct interaction between the sales team and its customers, according to the CMO Council.

Just as technology has accelerated at an unprecedented speed, so have customer expectations. Sales and marketing executives must ensure their teams are working together so that marketing is creating content that resonates and sales is delivering an on-brand message.

So how can executives ensure their sales reps deliver an on-brand message? Here are three strategies:

  1. Use sales enablement tools

One of the ways to help facilitate efficiency is through the use of sales enablement technologies. This allows sales and marketing to collaborate in real time on presentations and other documents, using a single platform. It also ensures that sales reps have only one access point for all marketing collateral so they’re sharing the most up-to-date materials, which ensures brand consistency.

  1. Create comprehensive analytics reports

With the use of sales analytics tools, sales executives can see where reps are falling short on their activities and marketing executives can see which documents are being accessed. Additionally, both marketing and sales teams are able to see the amount of time spent on each slide in presentations, and assess why additional time was used on one particular slide or another. They can drill down about what information was the most pertinent to the customer. Comprehensive analytics reports don’t just enable marketers to invest in more effective and targeted collateral, but also provides sales teams with the insight needed to create and implement proven sales strategies.


  1. Align sales and marketing teams

The inability to align sales and marketing teams with the proper technologies and processes costs B2B companies an additional 10 percent of their revenue annually, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC). By intelligently aligning both marketing and sales teams through the use of sales enablement tools, sales reps can deliver better contextual content, maintain brand consistency and reduce the overall sales cycle.

DriveProfit has the perfect tool for your limo business

At DriveProfit, we think the best definition is that the art of branding "is aligning what you want people to think about you with what people actually do think."  And vice-versa.

Brands are not only composed of logos, graphics, colors and sounds, but rather, they integrate what your brand promises – expectations, emotions, personalities, and relationships.

Your brand is a story. Your brand is what makes you unique.

Your brand should convince potential buyers to choose your service, and sometimes even pay more for it than they are accustomed to. Your brand is what sets you apart from competing limousine companies and provides buyers with the security that they know what they are paying for.

The Limo Quoting Tool our team of experts has developed not only helps you to send clearer info to your customers but also helps your limo brand consistency.

One form, one answer, less time spent on creating email content to send or reply to your customers and more time for your sales team to actually sell.

Find out more. Call us.

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