3 Techniques You're Probably Not Using to Engage Your Facebook Fans

Posted on Jan 16th 2016 under Facebook

Just when you thought you were doing everything you could with your Facebook marketing…

Here's the thing, though: Nobody is going to think of everything, and sometimes all it takes is a push in the right direction to get you thinking about something that you might have not considered before, or have been wondering about being a good idea. So here's our question to you: Have you tried any of these things yet? Because if you haven't, one of them could very well be the thing that blows your Facebook marketing strategy wide open.


#1-Optimize your WordPress Content for Facebook


If your website runs on WordPress, you need to be using Open Graph. It is the single best way there is to optimize what you put on your website (whether it's a blog post, a landing page, or anything else) for viewing and engagement on Facebook.


We'll let you discover the particulars for yourself, but just to give you a thumbnail sketch: Open Graph is a plugin that provides you with heightened control over images, descriptions, and titles that in turn show up in Facebook news feeds when your content is shared. What does that mean? It means you get to control everything that a Facebook user sees when they scroll through to a piece of your website content. Definitely look into it-it is so worth it.
#2-Upload Your Videos Directly


Instead of going through a thirdparty, Facebook allows you to directly upload video content. The more native your content appears, the better engagement it will get. You also don't run the risk of people clicking past your videos when they open them up on YouTube or wherever they're hosted. This is one way you can actually save money by not having to maintain an ad-free subscription service like Vimeo or Wistia.


#3-Utilize Facebook's CTA Button


Yes, Facebook has a CTA button and it does all kinds of interesting things. Pick your call to action: Contact Us, Play Game, Use App, Sign Up, Shop Now, or Watch Video. Your business might benefit most from the Contact Us option, but it's just a suggestion. You can always try different options and settle on the one that gets the best engagement.


They're relatively simple moves, but they can be strategically beneficial when used correctly. Yes, you might have to make a few adjustments and you might have to shell out for a couple hours of your web developer's time to get the ball rolling, but we think the long-term benefits will speak for themselves.


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