3 Ways to Successfully Engage With Your Clients

Posted on Apr 30th 2014 under Facebook

In the limousine business, you know that one of the most important things to do on a regular basis is to engage with your clients. Competition, regardless of your market, is relentless, and it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and deliver a unique customer experience day-in and day-out. If a person only wants an airport transfer, they could fill their needs with any company in their area. The way that you’re going to truly succeed is by engaging with your clients and finding out what they want that you can offer that they can’t get anywhere else. You can do this in a wide variety of different ways depending on your preference.

1. Facebook

One of the most important ways to establish a Web presence and engage with your clients at the same time is through Facebook. Facebook already has an established user base of hundreds of millions of members, which is the kind of marketing penetration that you simply won’t be able to buy anywhere else. Even the most successful television marketing campaign won’t reach those type of numbers. The key to utilizing Facebook successfully is by understanding what it can do that other types of social media services can’t. Facebook is a great place for detailed posts about specials and promotions that you may be running on your business. Thanks to geo-targeted ad services, Facebook is also a great way to find information about people who are in your area through targeted marketing techniques. Not only will you be able to push informational posts towards people who have the ability to be your client, but you can also purchase ads that are designed to run alongside Facebook content in specific area codes.

2. Twitter

Twitter is another social networking site with a huge user base, but it needs to be utilized in a different way than Facebook. The main appeal of Twitter is that it is used for shorter messages. It’s a great way to quickly share links that are relevant to the limo business, for example. It can also be an easy way for a happy or unhappy customer to send you a quick message that is easy to see. Whenever you get direct comments on Twitter, be sure to respond to them immediately. Doing so will show both existing clients and potential ones that you really care about what they have to say.

3. Customer Review Sites

Two main types of clients are likely to use customer review sites: ones that had exceptional experiences and ones who feel they had exceptionally bad experiences. Unfortunately, the latter is far more likely to post online than the former: such is human nature. When you see a negative review of your business on a site like Yelp, however, you need to look at it as a perfect opportunity for customer engagement. Think about the situation that made the customer unhappy. Find out all the things that led to the situation occurring and figure out how you can correct it. The information is invaluable, because you’ll be able to use it to make sure that these types of similar situations don’t happen in the future. Negative reviews don’t have to be predatory – they can be legitimate ways to identify areas where your limo business can improve. A negative review is only something to fear if you are not prepared to learn from it and use it to make your limo business better.

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