4 Actionable Lead-Nurturing Steps You Can Take Right Now

Posted on Feb 24th 2016 under Lead Nurturing

We've been talking a lot lately about lead generation, but what happens when you capture a good lead? How do you hang on to it until that person is actually ready to book? Remember, it could be months or even more between the time someone discovers your brand and when they have need of your services, so you definitely want to make sure that you maintain their attention long-term.


Today, we want to share a few actionable steps you can take across the board to help maintain the quality leads you work so hard to generate. Here are four things the pros do in developing a strong lead nurturing strategy.


  1. Create a content map.


You can't just throw together a lead nurturing campaign. It requires a good bit of planning and strategizing. It needs to be thoroughly thought-out and planned before a campaign goes live. Your lead-nurturing campaign can be very simple or really complex. You'll find that your solution is likely somewhere in the middle. By building a comprehensive content map, you will be able to see your lead-nurturing strategy take shape. You can then make additions or omissions as needed. Don't start out with a thin store of content. Make sure you have enough developed to sustain your campaign for the duration mapped out in your plan before you launch.


  1. Develop behavior-based campaigns.


Behavior-based campaigns can help you develop multiple sales funnels that you can then use to generate specific responses based on how people interact with your website and social pages. What kind of content do your visitors engage with the best? You will find that answer varies by demographic, and since you deal with a variety of demos, that means you will also need to develop a variety of campaigns to stay relatable and interesting to each.


  1. Develop cross-platform content.


You can save time and money by identifying similarities in the way people on different social networks interact with your content. If something consistently works on both Facebook and Twitter (or on Twitter and Instagram, or Facebook and Pinterest… you get the idea), consider automating that part of your campaign, to maintain high levels of engagement on each without having to deal with them separately. Do not, however, take a cookie-cutter approach to content distribution. When people start seeing the same content everywhere, they start ignoring it everywhere.


  1. Segment your campaigns.


Finally, you can use what you learn in your behavior-based marketing efforts to create highly targeted segmented lists that you can, in turn, develop custom content for, in order to maintain and grow them. If your company has more than one buyer persona (and it should), here is where you should be asking yourself how each of them would respond to your content strategy, and if they'd each stick around to consume more.


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