Guest Blog Post — Jim Luff from Chosen Payments | 4 Simple Steps for Social Media Marketing in 2017

Posted on Nov 24th 2016 under Social Media

Have you started thinking about your 2017 social media marketing plans?  The beginning of a new year is always a good time to implement new plans, new programs and new systems.  Social media can be a huge tool that is relatively free to use.  But, you need to make a plan.  Don’t post willy-nilly style.  Make sure that you engage your readers and keep them coming back for more and more.  Social media is a tool to keep your company name at the top of the consumer’s mind so when they have a need that you can fill, you are the one they call.

  1. Who Is Using What Platform?

Perhaps the most important aspect in marketing through social media is to know where your audience is.  While Facebook continues to grow in leaps and bounds, Snapchat really took off this past year, it has been around since 2012.   As you might have guessed, the top users are teenagers.  Is this your target?  LinkedIn continues to grow but is used mostly for business reasons by business professionals.  Is this your target?  If you have been posting to a LinkedIn group and it isn’t working, ditch it in 2017 for something new.  Identify your target market and post where they are.

  1. Be Trendy –

The world of social media is constantly evolving and you must evolve with it.  Five years ago, videos were sporadic posts on Facebook.  Now, they dominate the scene.  Going “live” was not a thing but today, everyone does it.  Just make sure whatever you are broadcasting live is interesting.  People love photos too!  Specially of dogs, cats and babies.  Post interesting photos that draw people in because of the photo and then you can shower your message on them.  Use interactive links that direct people to your website and specific trackable landing pages so you know how they ended up there.

  1. Have A Posting Strategy

It is well known that to enjoy success through social media marketing you need to post regularly and consistently.  Because different people check their social pages at different times of the day, consider posting at different times of the day so you are more likely to get the attention of those who scroll their newsfeed early in the morning and those that do it during the middle of the workday.  If you use Twitter, three tweets a day is the recommended number.  Make sure the content is relative to the day and your business and is interesting to read.  Would you want to read it?  Would you take the time to read it?

  1. Don’t Abandon Email

While email is not considered social media, it is a direct contact to the people you are trying to reach.  Sending personalized emails or even Constant Contact eBlasts, emails are much more personal and the recipient knows you sent it to him as opposed to simply posting on Facebook or LinkedIn.  Emails give you an opportunity to reach out one-on-one and promote your brand.  You can combine this with a paid social media campaign to your email lists to reach a single audience through different platforms.

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