4 Time-Saving Tips For Email Marketing

Posted on Feb 25th 2016 under Email Marketing

When we ask most marketers-even seasoned marketers-what the biggest drawback is to maintaining a consistent email marketing strategy, the answer is almost always the same: The issue is time. For a busy marketing professional, it can be a very time-consuming process and can often be treated like something that is "in the way" of getting work done. The problem there is that there won't be any work to get done if there are no customers or leads to work with. It's the quintessential rock-and-hard-place argument.


The good news is that it doesn't have to be that difficult. It is entirely possible to streamline the process and ensure that your email marketing efforts don't fall by the wayside. Here are fourtips that the pros use to stay on top of their email game.


#1-Use swipe files.


If you really aren't the creative writing type or don't think you can find the right balance between informing, entertaining, and selling in your emails, swipe files can be your salvation. Even the most successful marketers find email writing to be a bit of an Achilles' Heel, and you would be surprised to learn how many invest in and utilize swipe files to get the job done.


#2-Keep your message simple.


You don't need a 500-word soapopera-type email (at least not for every campaign). All it takes is a brief message about something that matters to your audience. Even if it's completely unrelated to your business, if it fits with the demo of your list, a quick note and a link along with a reminder to call you when they need to book a ride can go a long way.


#3-Use an automation service.


We'll append that statement by saying use a premium automation service. The free ones don't give you the versatility or reliability that a service you pay for does. If your list is small, it'll be fairly cheap, usually less than $20 a month, and once you grow, so will your budget. Large lists can be a bit expensive to maintain, but they will also nearly always generate plenty of revenue to cover the increases.


#4-Hire a copywriter.


Finally, when we say "copywriter," we mean someone with proven experience in email marketing, not someone you find who's willing to write you an email for $5. Be prepared to pay for quality here-it will pay off big time in the end.


Average rates for quality email writing start at around $15 to $20 per message, and go up from there based on the experience and success rate of the writer. Want 15 percent conversions? Be prepared to pay $30, $40, or even $50 for a single message. It can get a little expensive, but gauge it against the loss in productivity you'll encounter trying to slave through the process on your own, and the value becomes clear.

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