4 Tips for Improving Your Brand's Interaction with Clients

Posted on Feb 8th 2016 under Branding

Your business is all about one thing: people. It's people that drive you forward (pun definitely intended) and it's people that can bring your entire operation to a screeching halt (also intended). This is why, from a pure marketing standpoint, it is tantamount to the survival of your business that you strive to constantly make your brand image more appealing to a broader demographic.


Remember that the same kids who are booking with you for prom will need a limo for their weddings and other major events down the line. That makes them every bit as important as their parents when it comes to where you should be aiming your marketing efforts.


This "all things to all people" approach isn't easy. It involves a deep, personal understanding of the people who utilize your business and an ability to align your branding with who they are and how they buy. With that in mind, here are four ways you can start building a brand that is relatable and relevant for all your potential customers.


#1-Be trendy.


Keep current on the trends that affect both your business and the industries that touch your business. Deliver content that communicates that understanding and speaks directly to the target audience. Remember that one of the keys to building meaningful interactions with people is being able to demonstrate that you understand them-their habits, their preferences, and the things that fill their lives when they're not in your car.


#2-Be honest.


Don't try to paint a puffed-up picture of your service with flashy stock images that attempt to sell things you don't really offer. Think real, original content that shows people what they can really expect from you. Presenting your business this way builds trust, and that can only improve your brand image.


#3-Be friendly.


Always maintain a positive tone to your content and interactions with people. Never respond negatively to criticism and never engage a critic in a public thread or conversation. Deal with problems in a professional and private manner, and leave the already happy followers and customers out of it.


#4-Be available.


Your presence on your social media pages is vital to your brand image. People want to know they're doing business with someone, not just something. The way you interact on social media and your level of visibility will have a direct impact on the positive or negative way in which people view your brand.


So now that you know how to build a stronger brand, step back and ask yourself how well your business fares on these four points. What are you doing right and what needs improvement? Commit to zeroing in on the problem areas and fixing them as a first step.


The DriveProfit Advantage

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