4 Tips to Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Posted on Jul 23rd 2015 under Websites

For years, website optimization focused solely on computer access. Today, many people depend on mobile technology to access the Web, so the focus needs to shift. The good news is that a large number of companies have not yet shifted their market approach, so this provides you with an opportunity to gain an edge over the competition.

Some ways to bring your company up to speed for mobile users are provided below. By implementing these strategies yourself or getting assistance from a leader in the industry, like DriveProfit, your website performance will dramatically improve.

Responsive Design

To change to mobile website optimization, you need to make sure your site is compatible with all mobile technologies. For instance, ensure the website automatically adapts to the screen size of all mobile devices used. If a website is compatible, both existing and potential customers are more likely to spend time browsing and engaging in transactions.

Recently, Google changed its algorithms to make web searches more mobile friendly, so by not optimizing your site for mobile devices, you lose traffic. Be sure your website is properly optimized by contacting the site's webmaster or taking the mobile-friendly test offered by Google at https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/.

Once optimized, your website will render the same view for people on mobile devices as it does for those on laptops and desktop computers. You want a responsive web design that allows visitors to move around quickly and seamlessly. This might include having a different web page for each mobile device based on the size of the browser window, omitting the menu in the phone option so people can swipe for more content, and reorganizing information to ensure mobile sharing features integrate with the browser or are in a different place so content deemed the most important is focused on.

Mobile Analytics

You also want to use some type of mobile analytics. Even if you currently use known analytics, they may not be correctly separated from each mobile technology as a way of understanding a user's behavior from every device. With mobile analytics, you can understand critical metrics to improve conversion rates. For mobile applications, a separate platform is needed, as well as a way for separate traffic to flow from each device.

Mobile analytics provides a clearer view of visitor behavior. Having user data with a separate mobile application will help when it comes to developing new applications or enhancements. Have an established goal when working with analytics so you can monitor aspects that are of real value rather than everything.

Calls to Action

Since many people interact with mobile technologies during the day, most are engaged in other activities, meaning that web browsing does not get their full attention. Therefore, you want to keep the amount of steps a user needs to take in order to get a conversion to a minimum. For instance, if you have a limo company, be sure visitors can learn information or book an executive sedan quickly and easily from a mobile device.

This can be accomplished by creating a call to action. Today, several technologies integrate extremely well with mobile websites, allowing potential customers to make easy and fast connections. Remember, if someone has to read through a lot of content or go through numerous pages, you can expect much lower mobile conversions. Because the mobile environment constantly changes, it is imperative that you test mobile CTAs often.

Sharing Features

Mobile technology synchronizes naturally with social media. Because of this, mobile users have the ability to share information through social media. By reading a blog or looking at products, a mobile user can share experiences even when not fully checked out.

In other words, an existing customer could be using a social website while browsing on a mobile device and suddenly notice a post shared by a mobile window shopper. This is why sharing features should be embedded into your company's ecosystem.

Taking Advantage of Mobile Strategy

In limousine marketing, there is a huge opportunity to make sales easier for current customers while attracting new customers through seamless mobile experiences. DriveProfit can help you get in line with Google's new algorithms and take full advantage of mobile opportunities. DriveProfit offers incredible options for limo marketing that are customized to your company's needs.

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