4 Ways to Take Advantage of the New Facebook Algorithm

Facebook announced in January that it was changing its newsfeed algorithm to "encourage meaningful interactions between people" by prioritizing content from friends, family, and groups over "public content posts by businesses, brands, and media". The move has been made in reaction to a perceived failure of Facebook to give priority to quality, meaningful posts that users are really invested in. But what does this mean for businesses promoting their services on the platform? As Facebook moves the goalposts once more, we look at ways you can still be using the social media platform to get your brand out there.

  • Work on page followers

Regardless of the new algorithm, one thing that will not be changing is the visibility of pages that Facebook users already follow. You should continue to encourage customers to like your company page which will ensure that they still see your posts — you could even draw attention to the 'See First' feature which allows users to select the pages whose new posts will always appear at the top of their news feeds.

  • Always go for engaging content

With the new algorithm focused on promoting posts that users are actively involved with on their news feeds, getting customers to engage with your posts will be more crucial than ever in order to retain visibility. Create engaging, quality content that is optimized for mobile access — you are aiming to spark conversations and discussion in order to push your posts into user's newsfeeds so use questions, or make sure you focus on content that has a strong narrative element to encourage social sharing.

  • Focus on Facebook Live videos

Video is already an important aspect of the Facebook algorithm, but the relatively new 'Live' feature is set to be given even greater importance, with Mark Zuckerberg stating that live videos generally get 6 times as many interactions as regular videos. It may be trial and error at first, but there is no doubt that these types of video will be favored by the new algorithm, so it is worth experimenting if you haven't already — just keep in mind that currently 85% of Facebook videos are viewed with the sound off, so you'll need something that works just as well without audio.

  • Develop and nurture Groups

While company Facebook Pages allow you to present the 'official' profile of your business, Facebook Groups can be set up by anyone, and are much easier to organize around a specific topic or cause and post specific content that you know will suit the audience of that particular Group. You should aim to be the go-to source of expertise here in order to encourage commenting and sharing, and since Groups already operate on this model you won't be competing with any further changes to the news feed algorithm down the line.

While it is difficult to predict the exact impact that the algorithm changes will have at this stage, it is clear from the statements that Facebook has released so far that engagement will continue to be the key factor that will drive a post's visibility and success. As ever, quality, shareable, and useful content will be the key to reaching your valuable customers.

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Posted on Mar 13 2018

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4 Ways to Take Advantage of the New Facebook Algorithm



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