4 Ways You Can Make Your Brand Stand Out on Social Media

Posted on Feb 9th 2016 under Branding

There is nothing worse when you're trying to be seen on social media than being perceived as just another face in the crowd. This is why it is so important that your company and branding stand out. You know that you're the best at what you do, but how do you communicate that in a way that doesn't make you look like every other limo company out there? We have four suggestions for how you can help your company stand out on all your social media channels.


#1-Consistent Branding


Your brand message begins and ends with consistency. This involves everything about how you present your content, from your logo to preferred color schemes to types of content that figure most heavily in your marketing efforts. There should be elements to your content-particularly visual content-that make people instantly recognize it as yours. That leads to the next important element…


#2-Unique Content


You can use curated content or stock visuals in your posts and blogs, but if you are boosting the post or creating an ad that you are paying for people to see, the content in those posts and ads must be original. This is for the same reason as above: People scrolling through a busy newsfeed aren't going to stop because they see a picture of a limo. They will, however, stop when they recognize a trusted brand like yours, so give them what they want. Keep it original and keep it real.


#3-a Unique Voice


Try not to be overly "salesy" with your content. There are just so many ways you can say "book a ride with us" before it comes across as repetitive and insincere. Remember that your audience is made up of people with diverse interests that go way beyond limousines. Focus on their lives and lifestyles, and create a unique experience for them when they visit your page.


#4-a Confident Approach


The thing about companies that are really good at what they do is that they don't have to tell people that they're good-their work and reputations speak for themselves. If you're confident in what you do, don't think it's necessary to shine the spotlight on yourself or your company. Provide smart, unique, and intelligent content that shows that you know your stuff. Talk is cheap. Let the way you approach your audience exude confidence. Let it show that you're an expert in areas like safety and hospitality and do it with good, focused, high-quality content.


If you take these four elements and build on them continuously, you will find that your social media channels take on a higher profile. You'll also likely be amazed at how little time it takes to happen.


The DriveProfit Advantage

The senior marketing team at DriveProfit has the limo marketing experience and knowledge necessary to help you develop effective limousine marketing programs geared specifically toward the chauffeured ground transportation industry. If you are launching a new limousine marketing campaign, or are not satisfied with the results you are getting from your current efforts, our team is here to help. To learn more, please contact Pat at DriveProfit today at 203-426-7780, or email us at info@driveprofit.com.

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