5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Limousine Company's Facebook Page Exposure

Taking the time to create and maintain a Facebook page is great for business, but are your posts being seen by fans? Whether you know it or not, there are several forces working against Facebook posts for limousine marketing. With a few easy steps, you can guarantee that your posts reach your audience — the fans you have taken the time to cultivate. Here are 5 limousine company social media marketing tips for your business.

1. Know where you stand. EdgeRank, the algorithm used by Facebook for news feeds, ends up blocking over 90% of posts from marketing efforts. It may seem like an impossible number, but you can see the figures by checking Facebook Insights. Look at the column marked "Reach" for every post from the past 30 days and calculate an average, adding the count and dividing it by the number of posts. Then take your number of fans and divide it by the number you got. Don't be surprised: most businesses find they are around 7% (Note: Sponsored Stories don't apply here).

2. Access the power of photos. Facebook is all about photos, so it shouldn't come as a shock that their algorithm ranks photos above other types of content. Photos generate up to twenty times more interaction on Facebook. Harness this power the next time you consider a limousine marketing plan. Instead of posting "Are you ready to party?" in the days leading up to New Year's Eve, let a picture do your work for you. Instead of a debutante dancing on a table, consider a photo of pets in party costumes. Be creative — the extra step goes a long way.

3. Engage your audience directly. Since photos are great for increasing Facebook page exposure, think about ways to further engage your audience. First, find high-quality content that you can legally use and isn't restricted by copyright (Creative Commons is an excellent source). Next, consider a caption contest. Of all limousine company social media marketing tips, this one might be the winner. People love trying their hand at captions. Use a photo that attracts interest in limousine rental. Ideas include the ball dropping at Times Square on New Year's or an iconic photo of Yankee Stadium, now that the playoffs are ahead.

4. Let your fans create exposure for you. If you have started a caption contest, you might consider taking it a step farther and invite fans to send in their own "best limo shot" photo. Suggest PG-13 parameters, but otherwise, give them plenty of leeway. Once you have finalists, put them on your site and watch their friends try to tip the balance in their favor. With this viral exposure, you are creating a buzz and increasing your exposure without going hunting for pics. However, make sure you use an app like ShortStack to stay within Facebook guidelines.

5. Use sweepstakes or coupons to build a fan base. Before you consider a high-priced ad strategy, consider a sweepstakes in your next limousine marketing plan. Limousine companies can consider either partnering with a sponsor — say, a restaurant or Broadway show — or going it alone. Whatever the prize, make sure it fits in with your target audience. You will create a tremendous amount of visibility and get greater overall value than you would from direct advertising.

These limousine company social media marketing tips can help improve your Facebook page exposure quickly when done right. Use the Drive Profit social media management team to launch a successful campaign today.

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Posted on Oct 08 2012

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5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Limousine Company's Facebook Page Exposure



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