5 Online Marketing Elements You Can't Afford to Ignore

Posted on Jan 29th 2016 under Branding

There is always room for experimentation with your online marketing efforts. After all, there is no canned solution that is going to work in every situation. That said, every sound structure is built on a solid foundation, and there are a number of key elements that make any online marketing campaign more effective. Here is where we think you should be focusing your attention when building a campaign from the ground up.


#1-Professionally Develop a Buyer Persona


Hire a firm that specializes in creating them. You will be amazed at the things they think to include that you might not have ever even considered. This is one area where we think the money will be particularly well spent, and will result in considerable returns.


#2-Be Willing to Admit Your Own Weaknesses


If you aren't particularly good at writing copy, admit it. If you can't write a decent email for love or money, admit it. Once you've swept the way clear of all your weaknesses, you can focus on your strengths. What are you good at? Once you've divided your tasks into "can do" and "can't do," you can then develop a budget to close the gaps that the "can't do" items create and develop a plan for what you're going to do and what you're going to pay to have done.


#3-Develop a Good Story


We're not talking about fiction here. We're talking about your brand story, told in a way that is going to result in engagement. This isn't about one blog or one video or one Facebook post, either. Your story should be ongoing, and there should always be more that you can add. Limo drivers see lots of interesting things, and their interactions with people can be the stuff of great content.


#4-Tell People What They Want to Hear


…And we could also say, show them what they want to see. Do your homework on the types of content and the subject areas that push your customers' buttons and zero in on those things. Are they money-conscious? Then develop content around the value of your service. Do they like to be pampered? Then develop content around your amenities. Do they just want to get to the airport on time? Then develop content around your dependability.


#5-Promote Your Content Aggressively


Lastly, be liberal with your promotional efforts in the beginning, and collect all the data you can. You can then begin to either narrow things down to a central target audience or develop funnels for your different services and start targeting specific groups with specific types of content down the line.

The DriveProfit Advantage

The senior marketing team at DriveProfit has the limo marketing experience and knowledge necessary to help you develop effective limousine marketing programs geared specifically toward the chauffeured ground transportation industry. If you are launching a new limousine marketing campaign, or are not satisfied with the results you are getting from your current efforts, our team is here to help. To learn more, please contact Pat at DriveProfit today at 203-426-7780, or email us at info@driveprofit.com.

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