5 Reasons Organic Rankings Aren't the Only Factor of Search Engine Ranking Success

When a new SEO strategy is started, local business owners obviously want to be the first ranking for keywords most suited to their business. This need is the usual reason why the SEO strategy was created in the first place. Although organic rankings are important, it is not the only way to tell if your SEO strategy is working well.

In the early days of SEO, most SEO strategies were driven primarily by keyword ranking. You would see good results if you had well-placed keywords throughout your site as well as good links pointing back to your site; however, it is much more complicated today. These days, the signs and signals search engines are looking for to determine how healthy and relevant your site is are much more complex. This is to prevent SEO black-hat strategies from gaming the system.

In addition to your website, other assets, such as social media accounts and local directory listings are now part of the equation for search engine bots that crawl web pages. Search results will vary according to factors such as personal browsing history, geographical location, etc. The overall user experience more holistic now, taking into account the time your page loads, its degree of mobile device optimization and the quality of the page's coding, etc. These factors all go into your site's overall search engine ranking.

Although there are many other things that you must get right in order to rank high in organic search, here are five of the best benefits. 

1. Your Overall Brand Awareness Improves with Strong SEO Strategies

A strong SEO strategy means you need to claim and build your business's directory listings (i.e., local citations) and social media accounts. The result of this means your business can be found in more places on the web. Potential customers are researching online more, so your business will be seen more if you make use of online properties like Facebook, Yelp, Google Maps, etc. This increase in awareness of your brand is very powerful, as it can gather potential leads, make your brand more widespread and set you up to become a local industry leader.

2. Additional Brand Awareness Can Have a Positive Effect On Your Other Marketing Efforts.

If your brand is more known and trusted, consumers are more likely to click, contact and buy from you. Leveraging on the extra awareness generated through SEO, think about boosting your other marketing efforts as time goes by. This extra awareness through SEO will generate more ad clicks, additional followers on social media and more traffic to your website. Just remember that SEO does take some time, so expect to see improvements after at least six to twelve months as your SEO strategies mature.

3. An Increase in Traffic From All Sources, Not Just From Organic Searches

More traffic can usually be expected from a good SEO strategy that involves quality link building, quality social media accounts, and complete directory listings. An increase in visits from all sources around the web, such as from directories and social sites, not just social sites, should be expected.

4. An Improved User Experience Will Lead To More Conversations

The things that search engines are looking for will normally mean a better user experience. An absolute must to have is mobile friendliness, as more and more searchers are using mobile devices to find the information your site can provide. If your landing page is fully optimized for mobile devices, loads quickly and contact forms that can be filled out easily so you can be reached from a mobile customer, these are all important to SEO, and it means more conversions from customers viewing your site.

5. There Is Less Room on Page One of Google

Recently, the first page of a Google search seems to have less space for listings of websites. Search results will normally show map listings, structured snippets and other things in places that used to be the most sought-after spots for local businesses on the search engine's results page. In addition to that, thanks to Google, it is much more difficult to distinguish between an actual result and a PPC text ad. This puts more emphasis on having a combined SEO and combined search strategy.

The results pages of Google will be constantly changing, so if you put all of your energy into a strategy that gets you on the first page this week, the same strategy could be spoiled with a new snippet or ad feature appearing in the next week. This attitude will hinder your long-term success. But, having a great SEO strategy will have tremendous overall benefits that can set your web presence up for success over the long term. Make sure you ask your SEO team how they address these issues to deliver good results, as well as making sure you and your business can be found in the search results.

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Posted on Jan 08 2019

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5 Reasons Organic Rankings Aren't the Only Factor of Search Engine Ranking Success



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