5 Reasons Why Surveys are Important to Your Limo Business

Posted on May 11th 2016 under Customer Satisfaction

You may hear what they have to say, but do you really listen? Hearing means registering the information but not doing much about it. Listening, on the other hand, means understanding and reacting in a meaningful manner. Listening is a fascinating art and, when done correctly, it can deliver tremendous and surprising outcomes.

There are many methods of listening to your customer. Surveys are a great way to get started.

Customer feedback through surveys is so important because it provides you with insight that you can use to improve your limo business, services and overall customer experience. Many businesses still haven't realized how powerful a survey can be, and how it could literally be a lifesaver for their entire business. The information revealed from a survey (providing the questions were strategically crafted with a specific purpose in mind) can be a potential "game-changer" and could very well propel you leaps and bounds beyond your competition.

Here are the 5 main reasons for using surveys in your limo business.

#1 It can help improve a service

Listening to your customers is the only way to guarantee you create a service that they actually want and need. Customer feedback is commonly used throughout the product and service development process to ensure that the end product/service is something that solves a customer's problem or fulfills a need.

The most innovative companies in the world are the best at creating products that meet their customer’s' needs and exceed their expectations.

In today's competitive business world, these companies who can intertwine product development and customer feedback will be the ones that reap strong competitive advantages, enjoy customer loyalty and earn raving customer advocates.

#2 Surveys are the best way to measure customer satisfaction

Measuring customer satisfaction helps you determine whether your service meets or surpasses customer expectations. Customer satisfaction surveys help you do just that.

These can be done in person, via email, via the phone or inside a website with an invitation sent via newsletter. Using rating-based questions when you are measuring customer satisfaction will help you track and monitor how happy (or unhappy) your customers are over time.

#3 It provides actionable insight to create a better customer experience

Improving the customer experience should be the primary reason you gather customer feedback. The process of winning new business and retaining existing customers is getting harder and harder. Offering an amazing experience that keeps your customers coming back and referring their friends to you is the best way you can stand out from your competition.

To create an amazing experience, you need to ask your customers what they want and use the insight to create a consistent, personalized experience. If you can create an experience that is better than your competitors, your customers will remain loyal and ignore tempting competitive offers.

#4 It can help improve customer retention

Customer feedback offers a direct line of communication with your customer so you can determine if they are not happy with the product or service you are delivering before you lose their business.

A happy customer is a retained customer. By requesting customer feedback surveys regularly, you can ensure that you keep the finger on the pulse of what your customers want and need. If a customer becomes frustrated or perceives a competitive offer to be better, they will start exploring their options and may cancel their contract or stop doing business with you. By listening to your unhappy customers, you can use the feedback to ensure all of your customers have a better experience and continue wanting to do business with you.

#5 It delivers tangible data that can be used to make better business decisions

The best business decisions are based on data, not hunches. Too many times business owners make big calls based on inaccurate data. Customer feedback is the holy grail of tangible data. You can gather real insight into how your customers really feel about the service you deliver. Use this feedback to guide your business and marketing decisions. If a large percentage of customers suggest a new service or want an additional customer service channel, listen to them! Your customers are your livelihood.

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We provide advanced passenger survey tools and powerful analysis based on decades of market research experience. Our “zero learning curve” Web reports deliver actionable passenger feedback and information. Our in-survey connectivity identifies your happy customers and offers them a platform via Social Media to share the love. All passengers are offered email contact by your company's management and if contact is requested, you will be alerted by email instantly.

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