5 Relationship Marketing Musts for Limousine Companies

Posted on Sep 23rd 2015 under Customer Relationships

By now you are undoubtedly aware that running a limousine business means you are actually in the business of forming and boosting relationships with your customers. Instead of selling widgets, you are selling such intangibles as trustworthiness, devotion to safety, punctuality and resourcefulness and your limousine marketing program should reflect each attribute.

As members of a professional services industry, limousine companies are charged with protecting the safety of each person they transport, while staying on schedule and ensuring that vital connections are made (whether at the airport or at a trade show downtown).

  1. Follow Up with Prospects

Don't fall asleep at the wheel when it comes to answering questions from prospects — for limousine marketing success, you have to be on top of customer/prospect communication, whether on- or off-line. If you have a pending inquiry to address, you should always follow up within 24 hours. This is essential for demonstrating your company's reliability.

  1. Present Your Company as the Solution to their Problems

What pain points must your customers address? Show them that you are the solution to whatever problems are most weighing on their minds.

  1. Always Engage Customers with Your Marketing

You have a number of limo marketing channels at your disposal for customer engagement when creating a limousine marketing program or campaign. Use your company's limo website blog and social media channels to provide useful information to members of your target demographic and the industries in which they work.

When you see an item in a trade publication, point it out to your followers on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Pinterest, for example, and this will help keep you top of mind when they next need to book a ride.

  1. Focus on "We" (You and the Customer, not the Royal We)

The moment you work out reservations with a customer, start thinking like you are a team rather than a customer and a service provider. Make it clear that you think of the customer's problems as your own, and that you will work together to deliver them exactly what they need.

  1. Always Fulfill Your Promises

When it comes to building relationships, people tend to stick around when they know they can rely on the other person. When you make a promise to a customer, go all out in delivering. This means adhering to budget details, getting VIPs to the convention center in time for a big meeting and setting up road shows exactly as specified, to name a few examples.

Your company's limo marketing materials need to emphasize the relationship you seek to build with each customer. You can highlight service aspects such as attention to detail, a focus on utmost safety, staying on time despite inclement weather and traffic conditions, and so on. The more you promote the relationship between your company and customers, the more you can count on them responding in a similar fashion, rather than regarding you as just a means to get them from point A to point B. You are offering them much, much more and your limousine marketing program should reflect that fact.

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