5 Steps You Can Take to Build Your Limo Brand Online

Posted on Feb 11th 2016 under Email Marketing

This one is for the newcomers to online marketing-those who are taking the first steps into this ever-evolving place we call the Internet. Up until now, you've relied heavily on traditional marketing methods and 20th-century notions of how your business should be marketed, but you have seen the light and are ready to make a go of it with a website and social media. Good for you. Here are five steps we think will get you off to a running start and allow you to enjoy early and increasing success in your endeavors.


#1-Equip your website for social media optimization.


If you have WordPress installed on your site, a good first step in your online marketing effort is to make sure that your site is not only mobile friendly and SEO optimized, but also integrates well with social media. You can do this by installing a plugin like Open Graph or something similar, although Open Graph is by far the most popular and effective.


You can also optimize for Twitter by using Twitter Cards to add rich media tweets from your website. Twitter cards also allow you to add a link to your Twitter handle to the content you tweet. You can learn more about Twitter Cards and how they work here.


#2-Develop a plan for content creation.


Decide what you are going to produce yourself and what you're going to outsource. Our advice: Stick to what you're good at and leave the rest to the pros. If you can write great ad copy on your own, have at it. If not, hire a copywriter to do it for you. Be realistic about what you can do on your own. The worst thing you can do is cut corners that will ultimately cost you more money cleaning up the mess.


#3-Schedule your social media posts.


Come up with a set schedule for when you're going to post content to the various social networks. Start out with a broader focus and then optimize as you go. If you find that you don't get a lot of love on Pinterest, stop channeling your energy into it and pour your efforts into the channels where you do.


#4-Utilize email. Period.


This one is non-negotiable. If you have a list already, start sending to it immediately. Got a new blog? Send an email. Running a promo? Send an email? Got anything interesting to say? Send an email. You don't want to overload your audience, but you do want to stay in front of them and keep them informed.


#5-Monitor your metrics.


Lastly, you want to keep up with your numbers and make changes to your marketing efforts based on the things they reveal. Don't have a clue about metrics? Take an online course or hire a consultant to crunch your numbers and make suggestions until you get into the swing of things. You will eventually figure out the areas that need your attention most.


The DriveProfit Advantage

The senior marketing team at DriveProfit has the limo marketing experience and knowledge necessary to help you develop effective limousine marketing programs geared specifically toward the chauffeured ground transportation industry. If you are launching a new limousine marketing campaign, or are not satisfied with the results you are getting from your current efforts, our team is here to help. To learn more, please contact Pat at DriveProfit today at 203-426-7780, or email us at info@driveprofit.com.

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