5 Things That Are Missing from Your SEO Checklist

Posted on Mar 6th 2018 under Marketing Strategy

One of the most powerful marketing tools for today's professionals is SEO.

It is also continually changing and evolving at such a rapid pace that it could probably change before you've even finished this article! Even the savviest of marketers can have difficulty making their way through the latest SEO tools, tips and trends.

If you want to be at the head of the race, you must know which strategies are the most relevant.

Could your SEO checklist need a bit of updating?

With regards to SEO, you can never assume your checklist is up-to-date just because it was fresh a couple months ago. We've put together a great SEO checklist as a way to help you prioritize what needs to be looked at the most.

5 Things That Might Not Be on Your SEO Checklist (But Should Be!)

  1. Insert Smart Internal Links

One of the most vital parts of your content is internal links. They are a great help to generating leads to additional areas of your site.

The number of visitors to your site is boosted through linking, but it also increases the chances of your content being shared, as well as keeping visitors on your site for longer.

All of these activities will boost your rankings, to having internal links help in a number of crucial SEO tasks.

Get the most bang for your buck with internal links by getting a bit creative with URL placement. Instead of just using the usual "Contact Us" or "Click Here", maybe try using interesting statistics or portions of previous content as a way to attract clicks.

Previously written content can be tweaked and then used as a way to engage people with your current content.

Once visitors are confident that your site gives them consistent and useful information, they will be more likely to keep coming back to your site on a regular basis. If you have more internal links in your content, your visitors will more likely to think your site is worth going back to over and over again.

Don't just give away all your links to external sources.

  1. Gain External Links

This is a really important one to add to your SEO checklist. While it may not be thought of first, it really should be.

One of the most crucial SEO tricks of the trade is to get other reliable sources to link to your content.

Once you have these external links, your content will then be spread over a number of different platforms and likely read by more professionals. Also, once you have a credible source linking to you, other sources will do the same. The trust in your brand will then start to increase and will be considered to be expert advice.

This is what is magical about SEO, as nearly everything can contribute to a snowball effect.

  1. Check Your Speed

If your site takes a while to load, you are likely to be literally losing visitors by the second.

Losing visitors due to slow loading speed not only loses viewers, but it has been reported that maintaining a faster site actually lowers operating costs. Feel like saving money while improving the overall user experience?

Head to Google PageSpeed Insights to perform a quick speed test.

One way to speed up the loading time is to get rid of your site's clutter, such as removing all unnecessary non-essentials, like plugins and widgets you no longer need.

  1. Get Google Analytics

One piece of software designed for web analytics is Google Analytics; however, it is renowned for being one of the most reliable ones as well.

Having your SEO goals set will give you a measuring tool, but you can then track your success using the results analytics give you. So, it is really important to have your goals set out is something you need to get done now.

It is best to have web analytics set up prior to your site receiving visitors. If you haven't done so already, make sure this is done now.

  1. Plan Keywords Strategically

Using keywords skillfully is a bit of an art form.

To begin with, ensure you select a quality keyword to focus on. How does one pick the best keyword?

For starters, use one that is clearly related to your content. You can also search for ones people are likely to search for. You can use various online keyword tools, such SEM Rush and Google.

Even though you don't want to skimp on keywords, you can also use too many by keyword stuffing. This also needs to be avoided.

Even if you are well aware of needing keywords in your content, your checklist also needs to be revised to include the strategic placing of these keywords.

The following list will give you an idea of where the inclusion of keywords works the best:

  • In the title
  • At least one heading
  • In the name/alt-tag of your image
  • In your URL an your post

The last point means that after your URL's ".com", use the keyword to define your post. You will usually see the phrase separated by dashes when it is done correctly. This is a much better way of doing it compared to a random series of numbers following the .com.

This not only boosts your SEO score, but viewers can easily understand what the page is about.

Ready to Boost Engagement and Drive Traffic to Your Site?

Are you fully prepared to have a site that works hard to help you reach your main business goals?

Are you ready to attract potential customers, establish your brand and boost your overall online visibility? If this is you, then always include these important tasks in your SEO checklist.

Effective marketing includes always remaining up-to-date on whatever the latest-trending tactics are.

Just remember that in the SEO world, it is critical to put into practice the latest techniques. Being on the lookout to always improve your strategy should always be your aim.

Your internet presence will reflect on how you present yourself in person. Establishing a credible and professional internet presence may be the single most important thing you can do for your business.

You can get started right now on making a better website, and then you can see how putting forward your best image can do wonders for your business!

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