5 Tips For Effective Live Tweeting

Posted on Jan 14th 2016 under Social Media

Live Twitter events and live tweeting are a very under-utilized part of social media in the limo industry. In fact, we're betting you're sitting there right now asking, "Why would I even want to have a live event?" Well, the answer is simple: It helps you position yourself as even more of an authority, and if people are willing to attend a Google Hangout for a limo company, trust us-they're interested in your services.


Let's even dial it back a notch and consider what simply live Tweeting from a trade show or industry event can do for you. For starters, it creates a buzz. It brings people into the center of the action. The more you let them see, the more excited they get. With that in mind, let's look at five quick tips you can use to get the most out of live events and live tweeting.


#1-Advertise your event.


If no one knows it's happening, no one is going to show, and only a few will stumble upon it. This really is a no-brainer.


#2-Share the living daylights out of your pics.


Every time you take a picture for Instagram at an event, tweet it too. You can even use your automation tools to do both at once. Take lots of pictures from around the event and inundate your Twitter feed with pictures of you and your staff having a great time, wherever you are and whatever you're doing. It sends the message "we have a real blast doing this!" and creates excitement.


#3-Use @mentions liberally.


This includes partner accounts and people who regularly engage with you on social media. Imagine what it would mean to one of your clients if she saw this with a great snapshot in her own feed:

@JanelX-We found those white orchids you were talking about for your wedding. Go to #AAAFlorals and ask for Chris.


Follow it up with a picture of you with "Chris" and some of those flowers, and watch what happens. Janel is going to retweet and @mention the heck out of it, and now you're reaching people that would never have heard of you otherwise.


#4-Reserve characters for @mentions and retweets.


Try to keep your tweets around 100 characters or so. This allows people to easily share your content and tag other people to view it. Don't be a stickler for character counts, but don't max out your tweets either. If you're live tweeting, people will be expecting to hear from you more than once.


#5-Use an appropriate hashtag to identify the conversation.


You don't need to put it in every tweet, but do it as often as possible. Also, if you're at an event and they have an established hashtag like #CityExpo, use it liberally.


Keep all these things in mind during your next live event and you can potentially create a huge and far-reaching buzz with Twitter.


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