5 Tips on how your limo website's landing pages can bring you more leads

A landing page serves one purpose: convincing visitors to move to the next stage in the sales funnel. Although this sounds simple, creating a successful landing page requires detailed planning and creative testing.

Here are 5 tested and proven tips you can use to improve and optimize your landing pages.

#1 Focus on first impressions

When a prospect scans your landing page, they decide in just a few seconds whether to bail or stick around. When making this decision, they consider two things: "Does this page look hard or complicated?" and "Is this page relevant to my search query?". Design, copy, font size, and form length all influence the former. To influence the latter, make sure your page, especially the headline, directly connects to the search term.

#2 Use Graphics Wisely

Graphics are the #1 thing that draws the eye. Use them carefully since the wrong graphic can distract from the offer and conversion. Make sure you use an image that is relevant to your business and you can let your audience click the graphics to get more info, visitors often click on graphics, be sure to have a caption besides the headline, captions are the most read copy on the page.

#3 Make Your Content Scan-able

People don't read landing pages, they scan them. Write in bullets, if you can. Be sure your copy sells your offer when someone scans just the first three words of each bullet or paragraph. Bold key words.  Keep things short, sweet, and focused on the main benefits you offer your clients, engage buyers who want more info without making the page look overwhelming.

#4 Only Ask for What You Really Need in the contact form

Every field you ask users to complete reduces your conversion rate, so collect as little information as you really need to route the lead and stay in touch. You can always collect more during your nurturing process. The form should have a clear call to action at the top that reinforces why they should contact you and what benefit they’ll receive for doing so. For the form itself, only ask for the information you absolutely need from a prospect, that's generally a name, email address, phone number, and an optional "comments" field where they can enter any comments or questions they have.

#5 Say Thank You

After a customer converts, take them to a thank you page. This is important to track the conversion. Plus, it's a great opportunity to deepen the relationship by making another offer, promoting your blog, asking for feedback, or running a poll. Up to 40% of prospects say they are willing to share additional information after they convert.

A lot of limo websites are dealing with abandonment issues because the landing pages' bounce rate is high. Optimizing your landing page can increase conversions exponentially.

The DriveProfit Advantage

Did you know that landing pages are one of the best ways to jump-start lead generation? DriveProfit's online limousine marketing professionals, copywriters and design experts will provide optimized content and a unique user experience to generate more interest in your service offerings, encourage action and drive more high-quality leads.

Are you interested in learning more about our website services? Please contact DriveProfit today for more information.

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Posted on Mar 16 2016

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5 Tips on how your limo website's landing pages can bring you more leads



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