5 Ways to Increase Your Organic Reach on Facebook

Facebook's News Feed is getting continually more competitive due to the growing amount of content being created and shared each day. This means that content creators, which includes limousine companies and other small businesses are finding it harder to gain exposure.

The ranking algorithms used by Facebooks News Feed try to select just a few hundred of the thousands of news stories that are trying to get your attention so that you only see the most relevant and interesting ones. This means that the 'organic reach' for a random news story is at an all-time low.

But don't worry. Although the days of when you could put any post up on Facebook and then just sit back and relax are long gone, there are still some strategies available to you that can boost your organic reach on Facebook. Here are five of the strategies we use at DriveProfit that you can employ:

  1. Focus on Content That Your Audience Wants to See

While you've probably heard this many times in the past, the best strategy is still to produce lots of content your target audience wants to read. Listen to what your readers are saying and always strive to know their wants and need. Once you do this, generate new and constant content based on this. You must always entertain, inform and engage with your audience.

Greater exposure can result from visitors using Facebook's Like Button with your content. Whenever someone Likes your content, it will show up on their friends' news feed as well.

Live streaming, or at least posting videos natively, is something you should consider for your social media strategy. A recent study by eMarketer found that Facebook Live has a live video viewership that is only exceeded by Youtube. Amazing, eh? It also found that Facebook Live was the only live streaming platform that was growing while others (such as Youtube, Snapchat Live Stories, etc.) were declining. Your organic reach can be posted through Facebook Live because your video serves as a notification to your followers.

Facebook Insights also allows you to learn a lot about your audience and their preferred content. If you aren't using this fantastic analytical tool, now's the time to start! Information about your Likes, organic reach, visits, people, and posts can all be accessed with Facebook Insights.

  1. Repurpose Your Content

Content that is continually relevant and useful to your audience is referred to as 'evergreen' content. If evergreen content is reposted at regular intervals, new audiences will be reached, which will then constantly drive new traffic and engagements. The result of this is that your "thought leadership" within your space will be strengthened. Your main goal should be to regularly share valuable information to the point where your audience comes to depend on your content as an important resource.

You might already have tons of content that you can revive as evergreen content. This could mean your most popular blog posts, recommendation lists, how-to guides, FAQ lists, customer testimonials, etc. If your evergreen content needs to be given new life, you can find a few tips on our site that shows how we've refreshed content in the past.

  1. Target Your Posts to Specific Audiences

Are you aware that Facebook allows you the ability to optimize which part of your audience will see your posts? An optimized audience allows you to radically increase your post's impact. Facebook allows certain parameters where you can define your audiences, such as age, location, gender, language, education level, and interests.

You need to switch on the Audience Optimization for Posts to take advantage of this feature. It is located in Settings, and then you need to set your Preferred Audience and Audience Restrictions. Your posts will always appear on your Page for everyone to see, but audience optimization can greatly boost the level of engagement simply by reaching the most relevant audience through News Feed.

  1. Be Aware that Posting Times Make a Difference

When the best times are to post on Facebook for maximum reach is subject to many opinions. Some experts say that you need to post at peak times when the majority of your Facebook audience is online, while other experts say that off-peak hours are better because fewer people are sharing content, so competition is not as fierce. We've actually done our own research on the best times to publish content so that it is shared to social media.

At the end of the day, Facebook Insights gives you an indication of when your best times are to post content. Finding those times of the days when the greatest percentage of fans are online with Facebook is one good strategy to use. This can be extended by looking for gaps in those hours when any competitors are not posting as much. You can find out what and when your competitors are posting content by using a tool such as Fanpage Karma.

If you are doing your own social media, it is unreasonable to think that you can come up with original content every day.  You have a business to run.  Instead, use the Facebook Share Button to make it easier for visitors to share your content for you. This will drive new traffic back to your site and get a greater amount of exposure.

  1. Facebook is Still About Being Social

Building a community and human interaction is what social media is all about. Just remember that your audience is made up of actual people who want to connect with other actual people. If someone leaves a comment, make sure you reply quickly, but also make them feel heard and valued by making it personable. Let them know that you are closely monitoring your Facebook page and you are interested in connecting with them. If you respond to them quickly, they are not only more likely to engage with you more regularly, but they will also tell their friends about you!

Regardless of how you do it, ensure that visitors to your website can share content to Facebook and Like it as well. There is no better method to increase your visibility and organic reach on Facebook than by having fans and visitors promote your content for you.

Of course, while Facebook should be included in every marketing program, it is not a "silver bullet."  There are many other ways to attract and convert business.  Make sure your program is balanced and adjusted regularly. Over the years, you will see that the "best technique" changes often, and often without warning.  Make sure you don't let any one social channel or technique consume all of your time and attention — as we have all seen, things can, and will, change regularly and without warning.  Be prepared with a well-rounded program.

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Posted on May 24 2017

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5 Ways to Increase Your Organic Reach on Facebook



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