5 Ways to Personalize Your Online Limo Marketing Campaign

Posted on Feb 1st 2016 under Branding

Social media is just what the name implies. It's a very social and personal environment and is, today, every bit as important from a public relations standpoint as a live event or personal interaction between a potential customer and one of your staff.


For this reason, it is necessary to make certain that you make the experience of interacting with your brand truly personal. People need to feel like you're speaking directly to them through your content. Accomplish that goal and your social media channels can become your best and most powerful public relations tool. Here are five things you can do to make your online marketing campaigns truly personal.


#1-Develop Separate Campaigns for Different Funnels


It will take time to pinpoint which group each of your site visitors falls into and the kinds of content that will get them there in the first place, but once you do you can tailor content that speaks to their own individual interests, addresses the problems they face that are solved by your services, and creates brand loyalty.


#2-Use Personalized Language in Your Emails


Don't write emails as if you're addressing a group. Think of every email as being written to one specific individual. This is why we keep emphasizing buyer personas and ideal avatars. When you have one, you can write directly to that person, because you know them already. You can write in a friendly, personal way that exudes warmth and camaraderie, and these things also evolve into brand loyalty over time.


#3-Ask for People's Opinions


Post polls and ask questions. Do this frequently and do it in a way that communicates that you need people's opinions on various subjects. "We're contemplating offering a package for limo and up to six tuxedo rentals from Quality Formals for all wedding bookings this spring and summer. What do you think?" People eat it up when you ask for their opinions, so ask and ask often. It will create some great engagement.


#4-Respond Personally to Questions and Comments


Do this publicly whenever it's appropriate. If you see negative comments on your pages, reach out directly to the individual. Don't be confrontational. Approach them in a manner that shows that you want to make things right. On the public end, keep things light and conversational and never, ever negatively engage anyone on social media, publicly or privately. If it's in writing, it'll spread like wildfire.


#5-Keep Your Brand Message Clear


On a final note, remember that this isn't just about limo service; it's about your limo service and your content and interactions need to coincide 100 percent with your brand message and branding strategy. Figure out how to do that and you will run circles around your competition on social media.

The DriveProfit Advantage

The senior marketing team at DriveProfit has the limo marketing experience and knowledge necessary to help you develop effective limousine marketing programs geared specifically toward the chauffeured ground transportation industry. If you are launching a new limousine marketing campaign, or are not satisfied with the results you are getting from your current efforts, our team is here to help. To learn more, please contact Pat at DriveProfit today at 203-426-7780, or email us at info@driveprofit.com.

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