Guest Blog Post — Jim Luff from Chosen Payments | 5 Ways to Use Automated Marketing

Using automated marketing is becoming more commonplace for smaller companies largely due to the software that has become affordable and easy to use.  According to a 2016 marketing survey by Ascend2, "Businesses that have automated significant portions of their marketing processes generate 34% more of their revenue from marketing-generate leads than average, 153% more than those not intending to automate." Let's take a look at 5 ways you could be using automated messages to help you grow your business!

  1. Schedule a Welcome Campaign for New Clients
    Gaining a new client is a big deal, and you should treat them like it! With automation tools such as Constant Contact, it's easy to schedule multiple follow up emails before even sending an initial welcome message. Instead of sending a one-off, generic welcome email to a new client, you're able to warmly greet each individual differently based on their actions taken. This allows you to create a cohesive message while segmenting specific information to specific customers.
  1. Follow Up with Engaged Customers

Every email list you create will end up with two distinct groups.  Those who consistently engage with you, and those who don't. Those who are engaged are the backbone of your marketing efforts, and should be frequently followed up with. Marketing automation allows you to target those who engaged and actively keep in touch with them on a personalized basis.

The unengaged customers may end up unsubscribing from your emails due to frequency or campaigns they have no interest in. Use marketing automation to keep clients in the loop at an appropriate pace.  There is no need to constantly hound unengaged clients in an effort to win them over.

  1. Convert "On-the-Fence" Leads Into New Customers
    Don't let clients get caught in "email list limbo." You know, the place where leads end up when you're unsure whether they are interested or not? Once you decide which leads to target you can easily set up messages for each type of client.
  2. Efficiently Test A/B Campaigns
    A/B email campaigns allow you to send the same email message using a two different subject lines to two different groups of clients. The goal is to figure out which subject line prompts more response from your clients.  This a great way to see how your clients respond to specific wording.
  3. Improve Your Reporting Accuracy
    Use automation reports to tracks how many “opens” you have, how many click-thru’s you have to your website and how many opt-outs you receive.
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Posted on Apr 20 2017

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Guest Blog Post — Jim Luff from Chosen Payments | 5 Ways to Use Automated Marketing



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