6 Common Marketing Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Business

If you are going to invest in marketing and lead generation services, you'll obviously want a return on this investment for your efforts. Unfortunately, there are a few pitfalls that can not only hurt your marketing campaign, but they could also damage your business as well. Here are six common mistakes you need to avoid.

  1. No Website

Even if you are small business with limited funding that can't afford a custom website design right now, you definitely can't afford to avoid a website altogether.

The main way consumers are finding which businesses to patronize (online and in person) is through online searches. If your business doesn't have even a small online presence, your marketing efforts (including online) are way less likely to have any measurable success.

  1. Not Aligning Your Goals with Customers

What are your customers after? If you haven't even asked this basic question, it's highly likely your marketing efforts are going to fail dismally.

Obviously your business has its own goals and you want your marketing efforts to align with achieving these; however, the main goal of marketing is to attract customers. You need to design your strategy to address their wants and needs so that it blends with your business goals.

  1. Email Marketing Mistakes

Oh boy, there are so many mistakes made here, such as sending dozens of emails to your contact list and not addressing local consumers. You will be seen as a marketing newbie by your readers if you think that a few redundant exclamation points in an email subject line will get them excited.

It may seem old-school, but email marketing is still a valuable method of generating conversions, but only if it is used the right way. Poor email etiquette is the fastest and easiest way to lose consumer interest and potentially get them angry.

  1. Failure to Personalize Interactions

Social media marketing has a bright future with great returns when used the right way; however, by not including a personalized approach, you're not able to take full advantage of this.

Just by its title, social media has a social nature about it. You can use your business profiles to put a personal face on your business and connect with potential customers or clients in a personable way. This way, trust and camaraderie is built, which will evolve into stable, long-term relationships.

  1. Ignoring Branding

All marketing efforts must relate back to your brand strategy so that a clear image of your brand is created and your ideals are conveyed to your audience. If you want to influence public opinion about your product or service, you should always keep branding on your mind with regards to your marketing efforts.

  1. DIY

Companies already use a premium SEO company to rise in the search engines and increase your visibility, so why would you think you could handle something as complex as marketing all by yourself? Hiring a professional SEO service is crucial.

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Posted on Dec 18 2017

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6 Common Marketing Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Business



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