Posted on: August 2nd, 2017

new business

Wondering how to increase the sales and revenues for your limo company? You are not the only one. Business owners in the limo industry are working hard to attract new customers, and almost as important in this environment – earn back the trust and business of “lost” customers. For many, customer acquisition and retention are the greatest struggles in the ground transportation industry today.

Face it. Without customers, you have no business. Without loyal customers, your business will have difficulty growing, and without services designed specifically for your ideal customer, your customers will give their business to competitors that do.

Sounds ominous. But, like everything else in business, a well-thought-out plan, implementable strategies, and defined tactics can turn things around almost immediately.

What should you be looking at

  1. Identify your ideal customer:

Before moving forward, take a moment and create an avatar of your ideal customer, the one who needs and wants to use your service. Figure out what your ideal customer’s needs and expectations are and focus on how many of them your service meets. Throughout this process, you must be completely objective in the assessment of your business, your services, your strengths, and weaknesses as both a company and as a competitor.

People will buy your services because you do something for them that they can’t find elsewhere – keep this in mind when you craft your services.

Extra tip: Focus on the right clients and be prepared to politely dump existing clients that don’t identify with the avatar of your ideal customer.

  1. Ask for opinions

This is the first step in identifying your ideal customer. Take a look at your current clients. Do they place value on what you do for them, are they happy with your services, what would they change to make your services better for them?

Don’t make assumptions! Obtain data instead and measure what works best for you.

Listen to your customers. Send them electronic surveys via email or text. Include surveys in your newsletters or e-mail blasts, use available tools to gather valuable information, ask them to share their opinions on social media channels, or go and talk directly to them at conferences and meet-up groups. Don’t be afraid to uncover your weaknesses. Transform them into strengths instead.

Extra tip: Use testimonials on social media channels to increase your visitor’s trust and grow your customer base.

  1. Build a strong online presence

One of the top tips to grow your customer base is to build a strong image. Strengthen your online presence – your website is a prospective customer’s first stop. By creating your visual identity, crafting your service messaging, and providing excellent customer service you have created a “brand story”. Make it unique and compelling.

Extra tip: Set your unique selling proposition – USP, that one thing that makes you unique and differentiates you from your competition. Show your real value and build a brand that your customers will recognize, trust and love.

  1. Show your expertise

Are you an expert in the limo industry? Show it! The currency of the Internet is information. If someone wants a quote, make them give you their email address and name. If they are serious buyers, they won’t hesitate, and you won’t waste time on shoppers. Strengthen your credibility by keeping your website content fresh, offering valuable information on social media channels, building awareness, and engaging readers. Position yourself as an authority in the limousine industry – get on LinkedIn – and be ready to boost your customer base.

Extra tip: To establish credibility and authority in your industry you need to be consistent. While It is said that content is King, don’t forget that consistency is Queen. Post content on your blog a couple of times per month (weekly is better, but harder to maintain) and schedule your posts on your social media channels (you don’t need to automate, but make sure you post at the same time on the days you have committed to.)

  1. Increase customer engagement

Successful limousine companies all have one thing in common:  they know how to engage with their customers. A good customer engagement will grow not only the customer base of the business, but it will also increase the loyalty of the customers. Limo companies interested in customer engagement focus on offering value to their existing and potential customers, from valuable content on their websites or social media channels to great customer-support.

Extra tip: The first impression is sometimes the only one, so make a strong impression, engage potential customers and transform them easily into real clients.

  1. Offer excellent customer service

Always keep in mind that excellent customer service can make the difference between you and your competitors. Treat your customers with respect, whether they place the first order or the hundredth. A happy, loyal customer will share his experience with others and chances to recommend your services are increased.

Extra tip: Take your time to listen to your customers on all your marketing channels and make them feel both valuable and appreciated.

The DriveProfit Advantage

If you struggle to acquire the perfect new clients, DriveProfit has the right solutions.

In the limousine industry, understanding what your customers think about your company and the quality of the services you deliver is crucial for the growth of your business.

Use the DriveProfit RearViews Program to find out what your customers think about you!

Contact us today at 203-426-7780 or info@driveprofit.com for more information about DriveProfit’s limousine marketing solutions crafted especially for you.

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