7 Questions to Guide Your Limousine Website Redesign Strategy

Good limo websites cannot remain static. You have to adjust them periodically to reflect changes in your business, such as new service offerings or an expanded service area, for example. You also may need to make changes based on shifts in the market or the arrival of a new competitor.  

Since your company's limo website is such an important aspect of your limo marketing efforts, it pays to think carefully before you make changes. Here are seven questions to guide your limo website redesign strategy.

1. What objectives are you trying to achieve?

Sit down with your sales and limo marketing team and determine how the website aligns with your goals. You should then discuss what you need to do with the website to meet these goals. Your aim might be to boost traffic to the services page or to use a landing page to increase conversions by 5% this month, for example.

2. What kinds of people are currently visiting the site?

Are you seeing a lot of corporate travel managers checking out the site lately? Perhaps you are getting hits from people arranging vacation packages or wedding celebrations. Work out buyer personas to target different types of visitors to guide the content you provide during the redesign.

3. Where do your customers typically look for information?

Ask some of your most loyal customers how they find out news about the industry. Doing so helps you focus on the tone of your limo website as well as which marketing channels to use to reach out to them.

4. What happens during the sales cycle?

Some visitors will find the information they need immediately, such as how to book a limo for prom. Others, particularly in the corporate world, will need more time to do research and may visit the site multiple times. Give them the information they need for all stages of the buying process.

5. What pain points and barriers keep customers from ordering limousine services from you?

Identify what is blocking people from ordering service. It might be lack of information, high prices, difficulty in determining how to place an order (do they call? do they click links on the website?) or simply because your fleet lacks the vehicles they want to ride in.

6. What is the local competition up to?

If you don't know what your competitors are doing, you won't know what to include in your limo website to underscore how your company is different from theirs. 

7. What is your primary marketing message?

limo websites must effectively convey your company's image and brand. Are you promoting your business to high-end corporate customers, fun-seeking tourists or fast and convenient trips to and from the local airport?

A limo website redesign is not something to take lightly. As a major component of your limousine marketing, your website must be easy to navigate, provide people with the information they're looking for and help you convert visitors into loyal customers. This is why you will want to work with a marketing team that has plenty of experience in developing limo websites as part of an effective limousine marketing plan.

In case you are interested, DriveProfit offers you a wide variety of limousine website templates for you to choose from.

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Posted on Aug 24 2015

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7 Questions to Guide Your Limousine Website Redesign Strategy



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