7 Reasons People Aren't Engaging with Your Limo Business on Facebook

Posted on Apr 1st 2016 under Limo Marketing Tips

I think that everyone has experienced an uncomfortable silence during a conversation when, suddenly, no one has anything to say. A similar kind of silence is also being recreated on Facebook. Businesses are asking questions that go unanswered and posting news items and service pictures that go un-liked.

But with some simple fixes you can get the conversation started and begin really engaging with customers on Facebook.

We'll give you 7 common reasons that you might be getting no answers or likes from your followers and some tips for sparking dialogue:

  1. The questions you're asking are too personal

Many small businesses and organizations know that questions can get fans involved, but remember it's a certain kind of question that your customers will want to respond to. Don't ask people what they're doing for the weekend — if they want to share those plans on Facebook, they'll do so with their friends. Instead, focus on questions that directly engage what you know your audience is interested in your industry.

  1. The post isn't conversational

Remember, Facebook isn't necessarily a business environment. You want to keep things conversational and inspiring. That doesn't mean you need to throw eight exclamation points at the end of every post; just be positive and try not to sound like a robot.

  1. You need more images

A Facebook page that is crowded with an army of text is boring. Smartphones and digital cameras have made it extremely easy to share pictures of what you do, so don't neglect those opportunities! Share more pictures with your followers.

  1. You're overselling

The occasional post about a service is fine, but make it clear that there's a reason behind the post. Maybe you have an addition to your fleet, maybe it's a solution for a recently published news article … or maybe the photo just came out really well and you know your subscribers will love it.

  1. You aren't sharing the right content

Since fans are passionate about your industry, you can bet that they expect news, tips, and photos that are from this industry. The idea is to start becoming a great community and, most importantly, a resource. You can share things that relate to your industry, your type of customers, all kinds of travel tip and tricks.

  1. You don't respond

Commenters should feel like their feedback is appreciated — otherwise, what's the point of getting involved? Be sure to respond when appropriate.

  1. You're giving up too quickly

Prepare for more than a few awkward dining room silences. Building up an audience on Facebook takes time and engaging them can take even longer. Your goal should be to establish a personality and establish what, exactly, people will find when they come to your Page. The rest should follow naturally.

For all-around better user engagement, try reaching out to them. Answer questions, ask follow up questions, and express your gratitude for their responses. A full-circle conversation is the best way to spread quality brand awareness and bring more customers to your page.

The DriveProfit Advantage

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