7 Reasons why a social media management company can improve your business

Posted on Jan 16th 2018 under Marketing Strategy

Some people simply have no time to devote to social media management, and this can lead to missing opportunities found on social media these days. Fortunately, you are not required to do everything yourself, as you can employ the services and expertise from social media management companies like DriveProfit. If you are still not convinced about outsourcing to a high-quality social media management company, read the following seven ways we can be of benefit to you.


1.    Content Frequency

In order to keep your brand relevant and your audience engaged on social media, frequent updates in content are essential; however, this is a case where the quality of the content is much more important than the frequency. High quality, relevant content that interests your audience should be the aim here. Social media is so busy and competitive now that if you don't post new content, you'll just be lost in the crowd and quickly forgotten. No one wants to ever be the subject of a "whatever happened to them" brand discussion.

In order for that not to happen, regular updates of content that keeps people talking about you, such as what you are doing now, what new things are happening in your business, behind-the-scenes stories, etc. The best social media management companies will look after the posting for you so that your audience is constantly informed and engaged.

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2.    Focus on your business, not your twitter followers

Although we are aware of needing to post regular and relevant content on social media in order to stay relevant, finding the time to do this can be difficult, if not impossible, to do if you also need to run a business at the same time. Rather than giving up and posting old content over and over again in order to save time, a great social media management company can take this job for you. This allows you to focus your efforts purely on your business.

Focus on your business and let us take care of your social presence!


3.    Reduce the need for in house marketing staff

There are a large number of media professionals today; however, there are only a few media experts. Therefore, if someone asks why you would hire a social media marketing company instead of hiring a recent graduate with a degree in PR, you should consider this. It is one thing to be qualified, but having years of a complete understanding of social media marketing, especially with regards to the chauffeured service industry, is a completely different thing altogether. Also, would it make sense to hire a single person to manage every one of your social media accounts and locate content while coming up with new and unique marketing campaigns? In the end, you'll have an exhausted and stressed employee whose eventual performance will be less than optimal.

With a social media company, you get a whole team of professionals who all have experience and expertise and for less than what it costs for a single staff member.


4.    Innovation

As business owners, we usually have a strong emotional attachment to our business. This leads to us being very opinionated when discussing it. This then leads us to think we know what's best for our business when it comes to social media posts about the business.  The issue here becomes that what we think about our business, services and service delivery is also what all the owners of the competition think about their own business, which results in us all doing the same thing. This just does not cut it on social media.

A professional social media management company knows exactly what it takes to make you stand out from the crowd. This involves being innovative in the way you approach your audience on a social media platform to get your message across. How your message is delivered is what really matters, and thinking outside the box gives you the opportunity to set you apart from the crowd to get you noticed on a huge scale.

Nike is a great example of this. For the 2016 Olympic Games, they ran a large campaign. Instead of doing what their competition brands would do (ie hire a well-known, successful athlete to show their product in action), Nike chose a different route by hiring an 86 year old marathon running for their commercial. Sister Madonna Buder had already completed an awesome 45 Ironman Triathlons, but because she is not a sleek and toned professional athlete at her peak, she was much more relatable to the viewing audience. This truly engaged and inspired the audience, and that is the main reason why we are still talking about the campaign, yet no one could probably remember anything that was in the commercials of the competitors.


5.    Finding the content that you need

Time has already been mentioned here, but one of the activities that takes up the most time with social media is the necessary research to locate the right content for your audience. Some people think that it's just a matter of copying and pasting a few bits of information into a post, but this attitude will never lead to success on social media. Your posts need to be different each day, but they also need to be interesting, unique and relevant to your audience's interests. You must use well-researched information that is backed up by reputable sources. If you don't take the time to confirm the sources, you can bet that someone else on social media will call you out on it if the sources are wrong. Most importantly, you must make sure that the post (and associated sources) aligns with your company's philosophy. Posting the wrong article from the wrong source without researching it could get you and your company into a lot of trouble.

A  social media management company that can do all of this hard but necessary work for you makes even more sense. A good social media management company already understands how important well-researched content is and will focus its efforts to finding the right content to post on your behalf without fear of any potential pitfalls. This will mean a huge amount of time and work saved for you.


6.    Adding personality to your posts

Since social media is so popular, you can bet that every one of your competitors is also using social media. This means you need to stand out from the crowd. We've looked at various innovative ways to get your message out to the masses, but an additional way is to present your business and employees as different. Amazing graphics with highly produced videos are expensive but grab attention on most mediums, but it doesn't have the same effect on social media simply because people are so used to seeing it every day; however, one thing that might grab attention is a funny video of employees showing the human side to your business. Why is that? Being social animals and seeing other people having fun naturally attracts our attention, and this type of content will really engage your audience. If your business has some sort of noticeable personality, posting behind-the-scenes content has been shown to stay in people's memory for longer than a flashy, effects-filled video, which will make your brand stand out even more.

Companies who totally understand how social media works already know this and use it to their advantage in campaigns. A recent study published in Pyschologytoday.com showed that consumers are more likely to purchase services from a company that they consider more likeable. The study also showed that positive emotions toward a brand has a much great influence on consumer loyalty than their trust in a brand. If your company builds a human connection with its target audience and a personality as your social media activities increase, it will pay huge dividends later. What else will pay huge dividends is finding a social media management company that can bring out a company's hidden personality and likeability.

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7.    Instant Feedback for ideas

What is really the business power core of social media is that it is really a two-way conversation, and some people forget this fact. What separates social media from all other types of marketing is the near instant response and feedback you can get whenever you try something new. There are plenty of examples of a brand that tried a new logo, slogan or ad and was instantly punished for this, whether it be due to misinterpreting the meaning to being overtaken by current news events that can change the brand's appeal. If it were released on social media first and a problem is discovered, the instant feedback received means that everything can be pulled before any real damage is done and an apology or explanation can be released before any rumors start. Compare this to traditional TV or billboard ads where once the feedback is received, it is too late to correct any damage. In that regard, social media is the only way of gaining control of the conversation itself.

This is yet another reason why a social media management company can be such a huge asset for you, as they have a team to put out any fires through press releases, communication with a potentially hostile audience etc. You won't be alone whenever you need help the most.


Final Thoughts

Social media is constantly changing, along with the different target audiences. This is why it is important to understand not only social media itself, but also why you need to change with it if you want to be successful. A number of companies think they can go it alone or to hire a recent PR graduate to handle their social media need, but they soon find out that it's a lot more complicated than that. Trying to handle all your social media requirements will not only take up a huge chunk of your time, it will also often lead to stress and frustration. This is the main reason why companies don't take advantage of the opportunities social media gives. They can see how beneficial it is, but they struggle just to cope with it.

A social media company removes all the stress with social media content creation and gives you more time to focus on running your business. The costs to hire a company is less than hiring someone yourself, who will probably find it difficult to do the job on their own.

For less than $300 per month, you can hire one of the best social media management companies, DriveProfit, and get access to all of their expertise and the backing of a team of professionals who know what is needed to ensure social media success for your business. Get peace of mind by knowing that you'll have the right people for the right job.

At DriveProfit, it's not about more marketing, it's all about smarter marketing. We customize your social media marketing strategy based on your market, budget, and goals!

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