8 Short Tips to Creatively Market Your Limo Business This Holiday Season

Posted on Nov 23rd 2016 under Limo Marketing Tips

Standing out is tough. Some limo business owners don't even try but if you want to get people to book your services this holiday season you have to advertise.

We assembled a short list of ideas that you might consider trying this year.

#1 Your Website

Make navigation easy. And we will never grow tired of saying this, let it be responsive. Create a special section of Holidays Coupons, Gift Cards or Special Offers. Make it Stand Out.

#2 Offer suggestions

Maybe somebody looks for an exclusive romantic holiday limo tour to propose to his fiance. Offer suggestions like special by request tours, special prices for engagement parties. It’s pretty hard, but you will capture leads.

#3 Deck it out holiday-style

People like the feeling of the holiday season so join in. Dress up your website/ social media to have holiday flare.

#4 Include deadlines

"Book by (date) to receive your discount rates/ coupons/ gift cards by December 25.

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#5 Use local awareness marketing

Haven’t you done your homework? You can target customers within a certain range of your business's address, a game-changer for local businesses.

#6 Highlight a service/package

It's not just about Black Friday. Run a social ad highlighting a certain deal for the days leading up to Black Friday; it will generate “noise.”

#7 Holiday keywords

If you use Google ads, create some new campaigns around holiday keywords like Holliday, Christmas, Black Friday, and derived.  Second, you could make the keywords into longer phrases for better reach and more cost-effective advertising. "bride getaway car discount winter holiday package."

#8 Learn about dynamic retargeting

Ok, so somebody visits your website, search, clicks on a certain service/ vehicle but doesn’t book, you don’t get any email, nothing. You would think that that is the end, right? Well…

Dynamic retargeting allows you to put that same service/vehicle in front of your prospect as they go to other websites. It's pretty techy so you might need help setting it up but there's no doubt your conversion rates will raise.

DriveProfit team can get as techy as they need for your limo business. We can give you all the help you need with your website, marketing campaigns, SEO and much more. Just ask.


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