9 Business Goals Your Limo Business can Achieve Through Email Marketing

Posted on Jun 14th 2016 under Email Marketing

Every marketing plan is built around very specific objectives that your business intends to accomplish. The tools that go into a marketing plan, therefore, depend directly on these goals. But what if there was a tool that would help you as much as a team of 5 people?

Meet email marketing. A cost-effective, easy to implement, and versatile tool that makes most other marketing tools look one-dimensional. Why versatile?

  1. Spreading the Word

Email marketing is superb at building brand awareness. By delivering emails straight to the user's inbox, the spillage involved in most other awareness generation methods like television is avoided. Also, even if the recipient does not open your email, you can still convey a world of information with just a creative subject line.

  1. Spawning Conversions

Email has the unique ability not just to inform a reader and convince them of the benefits of the proposition discussed, but also encourage them to take action immediately. Think of emails that say, "Last day of our special offer!" Without fail, each one of them has a Buy button that takes the user to your limo business' website and leads (hopefully) to a sale. How many TV ads can offer that?

  1. Upsells and Cross Sells

Once a potential customer has moved on to being a regular customer, the time is ripe to cross sell them an item related to their original purchase. Figure out the personal usage habits of your buyers, and send out upsell emails around the time the original booking is made. Maybe your customers think about taking a road trip, or maybe he knows someone who is getting married. By employing email for these purposes, you're enlarging your repeat user base at zero cost.

  1. Tracking Emails

Since an email is, for all practical purposes, what a letter was just two decades ago, fall back on it when you want to send out order confirmation when a booking is made. By offering your users detailed information about their latest purchase and following it up with a chance to track deliveries, you get closer to the user. The more useful your emails become to the user, the greater your chances of repeat purchases.

  1. User Reviews

Emails can be very easily used to collect users' reviews about your service, which in turn helps you reach out to brand new buyers more effectively. Tools such as Surveys allow you to build detailed surveys from scratch and embed them inside emails in an instant.

  1. Growing a Social Media Following

Did you just create a new social media presence for your business on a new platform? Say, Google Plus? Grow your followers' list from zero to a few thousands in just one simple step: Send an email to all existing email subscribers asking them to follow you on the new platform.

  1. Announcing New Launches

What better way to introduce a new service or your newest addition to your fleet than reaching out to existing users about it?

  1. Customer Care

Customer care on the phone can be alternately frustrating, expensive, and fruitless for the average customer. On the other hand, an email to customer care usually has a much better satisfaction rate thanks to various factors.

Emails allow users to detail out their problems, unlike phone calls to customer care, where they are limited by pre-defined options on the answering service. Besides allowing detailed reports, email also removes the expectation of an immediate response from the user’s' mind. This means your customer care teams have some breathing room to respond, and your users don't get annoyed waiting to be served on an endless customer care call.

  1. The Most Important Goal

There are many more goals that you can potentially address through your email marketing, including getting customer referrals, encouraging repeat purchases. However, the most important goal that a well-designed email marketing program achieves is building a relationship of trust and mutual warmth with your users. Everything else follows from there.

EMAIL MARKETING from DriveProfit

With one email being sent every 0.00000035 seconds, your prospects' inboxes are becoming more and more crowded with offers, e-blasts, news flashes and more than 10 other kinds of emails. Successful email campaigns don't simply happen – they're achieved through a systematic and methodical approach that draws-in readers. Today, emails must be more creative, more personal and more receptive to your target audience. WHY?

People who buy services marketed effectively through email spend 138% more than people that do not receive email offers.

44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email.

When asked which medium buyers would like to receive updates from, 90% preferred an email newsletter.

These eye-opening statistics (and more) illustrate that developing a comprehensive email marketing plan is an essential strategy for any successful limousine marketing initiative. When email marketing is done correctly, it will lead to a tremendous payback. For every $1 a company spends on limousine email marketing, the average return is $44.25.


  • Email Design and Production
  • Content Writing and Editing
  • Email Distribution
  • Email Program Management & Review for the Best ROI

From recommending scalable mobile email solutions to suggesting a bolder design to attract more attention, DriveProfit develops and coordinates email marketing initiatives that will improve the customer experience, increase conversion rates and boost your ROI through an effective limousine email marketing program.

Email marketing continues to be the best limousine marketing channel for nurturing leads, supporting decision-making, serving customers better, and improving your overall sales efforts. At DriveProfit, email provides a tremendous opportunity to drive new business as well as to build customer loyalty for our limousine clients.

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