9 Rules for Crafting a Social Media Post

Posted on Feb 6th 2018 under B2B Marketing

Over the last ten years, social media marketing has matured at a rapid pace. What was once like an awkward teenager, it has become more like a refined and sophisticated young adult.

While many people think Social Media Marketing requires some sort of esoteric information, in reality, an extension of solid communication skills is what works best. Unfortunately, brands are distracted by the instant gratification of the medium and overlook the fundamentals of clear and concise messaging.

It's best to get back to the basics when updating your business's social media platforms rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. The following nine rules will ensure your posts are highly effective.

Rule 1: Brevity Is the Soul of Wit

On an average day, the typical social media user scrolls through approximately 300 feet of content. To put this into perspective, the Statue of Liberty isn't even that high. Therefore, the shorter your message, the more likely your message will get read.

Rule 2: Optics Are Everything

Keep your message attractive as well as brief. Bring your audience in by using videos, GIFs or photos whenever available and appropriate to the situation.

Rule 3: Make It Actionable

Have a grasp on not only why you're communicating with people but also how you want them to take action. Direct your audience to an "About Us" or "Products" page if you are running an awareness campaign. Direct them to a downloads page if you are promoting a white paper. Asking your users to provide a comment or to share a post gives them something to do after they've consumed your content, even if the post was intended just for pure engagement play.

Rule 4: Customize Your Message

Even if you want to share the same research study, photo or news release on other social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn), each post doesn't have to be identical. There are separate rules and patterns of consumptions for each platform, so make sure you are communicating appropriately for each audience and platform.

Rule 5: Use Hashtags Like a Pro

The hashtag is a very powerful engagement and tracking tool if it is used the right way. Before starting, make sure your intended hashtag isn't already being used the wrong way by other organization. Then, use only one hashtag in a tweet. If you use more than one, your audience is forced to choose which one to follow but will probably follow none. On Instagram, you can maximize engagement by using multiple hashtags as a comment on your initial caption. For Facebook and LinkedIn, is best not to use hashtags unless used solely for tracking.

Rule 6: Mind Your Character Counts

Just because you now have 280 characters to use on Twitter doesn't mean they all have to be used. Try a comparison between shorter and longer tweets to see what your audience best responds to. Facebook posts are best if kept to no more than 200 characters, and captions on Instagram are best kept to a length of between 130 and 150 characters in length.

Rule 7: Use Trackable Links

Link-shortening sites (e.g. Bit.ly) can be used to get deeper information about how your links are being used via social media. Remember, knowledge is power!

Rule 8: Make Content Move

If you are using Instagram, try to have every fourth post incorporate some sort of motion to it. This can be done using videos or through programs like Ripl or Boomerang.

Rule 9: Check Your Work

Before you post anything, read all your social media posts twice beforehand. Making a spelling or grammar error is the fastest way to hear from your audience. If you don't have someone to proofread for you, you can use programs like Grammarly.

Social media doesn't have to be mysterious or intimidating. If you follow the nine rules from above, you'll soon become a social media master with your social posts.

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