Guest Blog Post — Jim Luff from Chosen Payments | All About Your About Page

The most important focus point of your website is either your home page or a specific landing page where people are directed to land from other sites such as social media.  However, the second most important page is frequently an afterthought.  That is, your “About Us” page.

You might wonder if that is an important part of your website at all.  Analytics have shown that is clearly is a place that many website visitors click to.  More importantly, the content contained here may go a long way towards determining whether or not the visitor will do business with your company.  People enjoy reading team member bios, who owns the company, when it was started and other history of the business.

People like to feel like they “know” a business they are doing business with.  The internet, particularly social media has bridged a gap between merchants and customers and made customers feel like they have a voice and a direct connection to the business.  It’s a far cry from the old Wish Book that Sear’s used to send out.  You were merely a customer browsing a catalog.

Your "About" page can convey to potential customers what it is that makes you different from your competitors.  It can tell them what you specialize in and your qualifications.  It's a chance to show off unique services and experience.  Use this area of your website to teach potential customers everything they need to know about you.

Here are some tips to help you build a great “About” page:

Provide A Basic Company Description

Someone visiting your website for the first time might not be familiar with your company. They may not know anything about who you are, what you do, where you are located or anything else about your company.   Keep things simple with a simple one-sentence description of what you do.  This lets them know if they're in a place they are looking for.

Establish Credibility

If someone is taking the time to read about your company, they are likely focused on two things: a sense of curiosity and a question of whether you meet their needs and requirements.  Make sure you establish credibility that you are indeed the source for what they seek.  For instance, when a visitor sees that Drive Profit has designed hundreds of small business websites, they know we have the expertise to assist them.

Use a Professional Photo

You could take a snapshot with your iPhone and upload it to a bio, but we don't recommend that.  Instead, use a photo from a professional photographer. You might even consider hiring a professional photographer to come in and take pictures of your office, products, and your team members.  You'll make a better impression, and the resulting images can be used on your website, social profiles, and future marketing pieces.

Get Personal

Prospective clients are probably curious about you and your team. While you shouldn’t give away personal information, it is okay to share a few insights into your hobbies, charity causes and community participation. This humanizes you and your team and you never know what you might share in common with the website visitor.

Your "About" page is a powerful sales tool if you use it correctly. Use these tip to help turn your “About” page into a story about your company.  The Drive Profit team is available to help spruce yours up if you need assistance.

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Posted on Mar 23 2017

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Guest Blog Post — Jim Luff from Chosen Payments | All About Your About Page



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