Are You Paying Attention to Your Limo Company's Social Media Accounts?

Posted on Feb 26th 2013 under Limo Marketing Tips

They come in rashes. You know, those notifications from Twitter that you have a new Direct Message from so and so limos, all with the same messages:

“hey, someone is spreading nasty rumours about you URL”

“hey, someone is spreading terrible rumours about you URL”

"Have you seen this pic of you? URL"

The messages have a shortened URLs with them, either or otherwise.

The HUGE problem with these messages is that if you click on to see what it is, you contract malware viruses, AFTER they've collected your login information.

These very clever hackers, create a fake (and very realistic looking) Twitter login page, where they ask you to enter your password. They then have full access to your twitter account.

Besides the collateral damage to your computer hardware, the danger of being hacked such as in this most recent scenario is that, once the hackers gain access to your Twitter account, they send the same messages out to all of your followers and people you follow.

And many of those followers or people you follow may be clients, or colleagues.

In the past, we've noticed that these hackers tend to target Twitter accounts that are not very active, as they assume it would not be noticed as quickly. But lately, these clever hackers have targeted even the most active Twitter accounts.

To protect your brand's reputation online, here's what we recommend if you fall prey to this most recent Twitter hack:

  1. Change your Twitter password IMMEDIATELY, as well as for any other social media profiles that are linked to Twitter (such as if your Facebook profile is linked to Twitter, or LinkedIn, etc)
  2. Send a tweet out as soon as you discover the hack, apologize for the incident and advise people NOT to click any links previously sent out from your account.
  3. Consider using a dashboard management system for all your social media accounts that enables you to easily and regularly check on all your profiles at once, to ensure this doesn't happen again.


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