Guest Blog Post — Jim Luff from Chosen Payments | What Is Artificial Intelligence ("AI")?

Posted on Feb 16th 2017 under Marketing Strategy

For most of us, the term "artificial intelligence", now commonly referred to as simply, “AI” conjures up images of sci-fi movies and Intergalactic galaxies.  But, what was once purely whimsical imagination is now the real world we live in.

Google and other tech companies and social media platforms are already utilizing AI in a many ways.  Most notably, the world’s most popular and largest search engine is using it to assess ranking factors, analyze the behavior of those using Google and return search results that are unique to an individual user.  The means if you and I both type in the same search terms on Google, we might not see the same search results served to both of us.

Since Google is serving up individual helpings based on what individuals like, where they live and previous searches and online engagement this can have a big impact on SEO management.  Here are some things you need to keep in mind to keep up with AI.

#1 Post Material Regularly

One thing Google's AI loves is regular content creation. Whether it is writing blogs on a daily or weekly basis or even making updates to your social media profiles on a regular basis, Google likes new fresh content.  Update regularly.

#2 Stay on Topic

As AI becomes a bigger and more regular part of the crawling and cataloging process of search engines, context is more important than ever. Keep your posts and pages on topic, so search engine spiders can actually figure out what exactly your website and product line are all about.

#3 Avoid Typos and Grammatical Errors

Believe it or not, Google's AI hates typos as well as bad grammar. That's because posts containing spelling errors, grammatical errors and punctuation errors are viewed as a sign of low-quality content. You see, you should have paid attention in those English classes.  To stay on top of the search rankings, proof read all of your content for obvious mistakes that would shove your site further down in rankings.

#4 Engage with Readers

Comments from real readers/website visitors are a sure sign that your content is useful and interesting to other people.  Invite feedback and comments on your website and respond to comments on a punctual basis.  Do whatever you can to inspire shares and likes and your social media pages.

The age of Artificial Intelligence is upon us folks.  That means your bottom line profitability is largely dependent on the actions you take to make your content pop online.

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