Attracting tourists that visit your city

The digital revolution has changed the way we live and work, and a consequence of that is a much faster pace of life than ever before. Free time for holidays and weekend breaks is increasingly rare, and even business trips now seem to be on ever tighter schedules. Indeed, the rise in the weekend break is a symptom of this, and with 67% of U.S. travelers planning weekend getaways. With those weekend trips packed with activities and events, efficient, reliable transport is an essential component, making these visitors a market that you really need to tap into.

Here are some ideas to grab your share of this growing market:


Step One: Gain Distribution

Many customers may arrive without an idea of what they want to do, but what is certain is that they need transport to get around. Networking with agents, visitor information centers within your local area can make a real difference. Offer good commission terms to get yourself at the front of the queue for these customers by adding motivation for the agents to book with you.


Step Two: Optimize your website for Mobile use

Weekend visitors are likely to be doing everything via their phones when they arrive, so make sure that your website is mobile friendly and that your booking system is easy for them to use on smaller screens. Usability problems with your website is just handing custom to a competitor.


Step Three: Increase your Visibility

Visitors who arrive on a short notice trip may have nothing at all arranged, if they need transport make sure that your name is the one they see first. Local ads, billboards and so on, along with a prominent location can really boost custom.


Step four: Your Unique Promotions

The ground transport industry is competitive, and to really benefit from these new travelers you need to stand out from the crowd. By offering promotions that are geared towards weekend visitors, you can provide a more attractive service for those customers. Discounts for the tourist attractions and events that they are likely to want to visit can be really effective, or perhaps a deal with local restaurants for special offers on food. Think about the things visitors to your city want to do, where they like to go and so on, and put together offers that help them do those things, either cheaper or better.

More than 78 percent of travelers say that they enjoy weekend trips, and 81 percent of people rely heavily on reviews in order to make their final selections for tours and activities. Marketing your ground transport company to short-term travelers is critical to your overall success, and simplifying the booking process will attract even more customers.


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Posted on Jan 24 2017

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Attracting tourists that visit your city



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