Avoid Making these Common Mistakes When Using Twitter for Your Limo Company

Posted on May 1st 2015 under Limo Marketing Tips

Not every chauffeured transportation services business has the marketing knowledge and experience to realize it should be using social media channels such as Twitter. Or, even when they do write tweets to their followers, they may make some crucial errors. 

Chief among them are straying from your core message, providing zero useful content and getting too personal, noted a recent article at KISSmetrics. You also want to make sure you are not making inappropriate remarks that offend customers, the press and potential affiliates (an error that is easier to make than you might think).

 Going Off Topic

When you stray from the essential messages of your chauffeured transportation services business, you are hindering your limo marketing efforts. People will follow you and your company on Twitter because you deliver useful and interesting information about the limousine business. The biography you put up on Twitter will help solidify in people's minds the type of tweets they can expect to see from you.

Nothing to Say

If you don't have anything to say, don't go on Twitter just for the sake of putting out the day's tweet. This means you should avoid making random comments on current events or the latest happenings in your office. 

Ask yourself, "Would my biggest customers appreciate this tweet? Is the information I'm pointing them to helping them do their jobs better?"

Instead, maintain a list of useful websites and other sources of news that are of interest to your customers, ranging from vehicular safety, business topics, special events in your local area and so on. You will surely find a useful article or report to tweet about that customers in your service area will want to know about.


While many people use Twitter and other social media to expound on things of an overtly personal nature, don't make the mistake of doing this with your company's Twitter account.

Customers don't need to hear about the personal drama in your life or the fact that your kid has just started kindergarten. Leave this kind of info for your personal social media.

Inappropriate Comments

It's unfortunate that some business owners need a reminder on this topic, but you need to be very careful about making offensive and inappropriate comments via Twitter. Your tweets should not include swear words, off-color jokes or references to unpleasant situations for shock effect.

Assume every tweet issued from your limo company's Twitter account will be permanently archived and available for people to find, even years from now. The apparent spontaneous nature of tweets does not mean you actually should speak first and think second. 

Choose your words carefully. You might want to write your tweets in a word processor and then edit and have others proofread them first to make sure there's nothing potentially offensive, demeaning, critical or otherwise negative before you actually tweet.

Remind your staff to check which Twitter account they're logged into. If they accidentally tweet something personal or offensive from the corporate account instead of their personal account, things could get very ugly, very fast.

DriveProfit's senior team of marketing professionals have more than 30 years experience in limousine and travel marketing. We've seen how limousine service companies can use Twitter to their advantage as well as to their detriment. For advice on using Twitter and other social media channels for your limousine company or to begin a new marketing and branding campaign, please contact the experts at DriveProfit today at 203.426.7780 or email us at info@driveprofit.com.

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