B2B Marketing: How to Keep Your Limo Customers Deliriously Happy

Posted on Sep 21st 2015 under B2B Marketing

As a savvy limousine company owner or manager, you know that some types of customers just need more time, attention and hand holding than others before you can seal the deal. One day you are dealing with a socialite who has exquisite requirements for luxurious transportation that must be catered to lest heads roll. The next day you are negotiating with a powerful corporate transportation manager whose job is on the line if he doesn't meet every checkbox on his "must haves" list for ongoing chauffeured transportation services.

While bride-zillas and hormone-drenched teens heading for the world's greatest prom may have some interesting demands, they can usually make their decision to go with your company instead of another pretty quickly. It's the B2B customers that will usually require much more time. In fact, the B2B sales cycle has risen 22% over the previous five years, according to recent studies, including one conducted by  MadisonLogic. Read on for some tips to help you keep your B2B customers deliriously happy.

Solicit Testimonials

If your company is at the point where you can create case studies to showcase your abilities to solve problems for customers in your area, you'll want to collect testimonials as part of your limousine marketing program

If you're not ready to publish case studies, ask your most frequent customers for testimonials that you can put in your limo marketing materials (website, newsletter, etc.). It's best to work with a third-party service to verify and validate each testimonial (such as DriveProfit's testimonial verification service. This will prove to your B2B customers that the favorable comments you showcase are from real customers.

Put Out a Newsletter

Approximately 83% of B2B limousine marketing efforts rely on e-newsletters, and the reason is that doing so helps keep your business top of mind when it comes time for companies to make a decision about limousine services.

Follow Your Customers on Social Media

It's a good idea to follow your more prominent customers on social media. For one, they might follow you as well, which in itself is a good thing since it can help expose you to new business.

When you see a customer posting something that would be relevant to other B2B customers, repost the details both to be helpful and to strengthen your connection with the customer you're quoting.

When you keep your customers happy beyond belief with the service you provide, you have a much better chance of turning them into loyal brand ambassadors who will then do some of your most important limo marketing for you. The efforts you make now to reach out to customers via email, newsletter articles and consistent social media engagement will lead to improved market share in your service area or niche market and consequentially, a better bottom line.


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