Basics of Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Posted on Apr 1st 2015 under Lead Nurturing

Once you get a promising lead for your limousine business at the top of your inbound marketing funnel, you need to guide this person through a series of steps to get closer to the bottom of the funnel. This means you need to create a lead nurturing campaign to drive more sales for your company.

Prospective customers will find out about a limousine company through a variety of channels. A multi-channel marketing approach helps ensure that you will find more people through their preferred means for discovering new companies with which to do business. 

Your local billboard, a magazine ad, TV or radio spots or some helpful suggestions from the concierge at a nearby 5-star hotel may be all that's required to get someone interested in you. Or, a message from one of your social media channels may have brought your company to their attention. Referrals from current satisfied customers are one more route for finding new potential customers.

Once such a customer visits your website, such as to check on your available service details, there should be form on the site that will help guide the visitor further down the marketing funnel. You'll want to collect the visitor's email so you can continue nurturing him or her. Many limousine companies will offer something useful, such as a subscription to their newsletter or a free download of an interesting transportation-oriented white paper in exchange for the email address.

At this point in your limousine marketing, you will start sending out a number of emails, in which you will refer to the original piece of information that sent the prospect to you in the first place, noted a recent post at Savvy Panda. These new emails will include some of escalation, such as to enhance your company's credibility or to further highlight your offered services and will always conclude with some kind of a call to action. As the leads follow through, such as contacting your sales team for details or customer service to work with a coupon for discounted services, you will be closer to qualifying them and converting each to a loyal customer.

It can be tricky to determine the right wording that you should use in your email messages. Many limousine firm owners will find it useful to work with a marketing company to fine-tune the message and automate much of the process of moving prospects through the marketing funnel.

 At DriveProfit, we come up with engaging marketing campaigns and take pride in helping our clients develop their lead nurturing campaigns with maximum effectiveness. To learn more about what we can do for you to convert more prospects into customers or to get started creating a customized lead nurturing campaign for your limo business, please contact DriveProfit's experts today at 203.426.7780 or email us at

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