Beating Facebook's Algorithm

Business pages have been decreasing in visibility over the last year thanks to changes in Facebook's algorithm as it introduced several updates. With reports of up to 60% decrease in organic reach, this is something to be concerned about, so here are 5 great tips for dealing with Facebook's algorithm.

Many social media managers are simply increasing ad spend on their pages to maintain visibility and reach, and while we are big fans of Facebook's paid advertising program, there are ways to combat recent changes without increasing your budget.

Great Content

This is always key on any social media platform, but even more so now on Facebook. High quality content that your audience really loves will be shared and liked. No algorithm can change that, and it should be the core of your response. In fact, the way the system works now, the more likes and shared your content is, the more it is boosted in the news feeds of your followers, increasing its visibility even more.


Get Personal with your audience

News feeds now prioritize personal account posts over business page posts, so get your team to like, share and comment about your business on their own accounts and you will broaden the natural engagement.


More people, more reach

You can invite all of your contacts to like your page in one easy step, simply use the import function on your Facebook page and they will all be automatically sent an invitation to like the page. More likes for your page means greater reach.


Never ignore Analytics

Facebook analytics provide a range of useful tools to help you understand how your page is performing. You can quickly see which posts do better, and this can help direct your content to match your audience taste more closely. Analytics can also help you see the best times to post to reach the maximum audience as well, all together providing you with a much more targeted schedule.


Get a new look

Changing your cover image can make a difference, freshen up your page and add interest. Be creative with your choices, and change the cover image once a month to help with engagement.

With algorithm, trend and taste changes, no matter what the platform, social media management is a difficult job. At DriveProfit we have a team of highly skilled, full-time social media and marketing experts who stay up to date with the latest changes and create solutions to ensure our client's social media performance is maintained throughout.

If you'd like to have us manage your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter marketing campaigns, give us a call at 203-426-7780 or email us at

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Posted on Jan 31 2017

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Beating Facebook's Algorithm



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