Beating the Competition Using 6 Customer Service Strategies

Posted on: July 22nd, 2015

customer service strategiesIn the limousine industry, competition is stiff. If you own a limousine company, you know the importance of thinking outside the box when it comes to securing new clients and retaining existing ones. The goal is to set your company apart from the competition, which comes from using the right limo marketing strategies.

As an example, clients need to be offered value pricing, guaranteed pick ups, and even new services and concepts. In addition, the level of customer service has to be exceptional. All of these things combined will make you a leader in the limousine business. According to a recent study, a seamless experience is what clients want most, so that is what needs to be delivered.

Making a Difference

The bottom line – you want to minimize customer effort and improve customer service, which can be accomplished by implementing the following:

  • Knowledge Base – By ensuring all company employees are knowledgeable about the limo services offered, including prices, destinations, fleet, and more, client questions can be answered promptly and precisely. The faster clients get answers, the happier they are.
  • Solid Infrastructure – To ensure employees have everything they need to provide outstanding customer support, the right infrastructure has to be provided. For example, self-help options should be streamlined, hold times for call-in issues should be kept short, and tracking should be in-place for incidents or complaints. Even something as simple as a “Frequently Asked Questions” page on your limo company’s website will go a long way toward improving customer service.
  • Proper Training – All limo company employees need in-depth training that goes beyond traditional customer support. For instance, there will be times when a client is unhappy about something or has a rare unpleasant experience. To calm the situation while not losing the client, employees must be empathetic. This means listening to what the client says, showing concern, and then offering a viable solution.
  • Decision-Making Power – Rather than requiring employees to jump through hoops in order to make a decision, empower them to do their job at any level. In other words, place more emphasis on letting employees make frontline decisions for fast results and high levels of productivity.
  • Immediate Resolution – Unfortunately, many clients are forced to talk to two or more people before finally being given proper resolution. As part of limo marketing, devise a system whereby complaints are addressed and resolved by the first employee the client speaks to. With this system, the first employee who takes a complaint or concern becomes responsible throughout the process of reaching a resolution. Along with call-in lines and email, you might also consider adding live chat support, which is proven to be highly effective.
  • Keep Promises – One of the most important limousine marketing strategies is to always keep promises. If clients are promised a certain vehicle at a specific price, that is exactly what they should receive. Going back on promises is a surefire method of losing important clients. Unfortunately, situations do arise where a promise has to be broken. In this case, be prepared with a heartfelt apology via phone call. If an employee is upfront with the client and responds quickly, a broken promise is more likely to be forgiven.

If you need assistance with any of these strategies or want to incorporate additional limo marketing strategies into your operation, a company like DriveProfit is an excellent resource.  Please feel free to contact us at 203.426.7780 or

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