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Posted on Jun 5th 2015 under Limo Marketing Tips

Whether your limousine company is launching a new blog or if you have been posting to your blog for quite some time now, you always face the question of how you are going to present the content most effectively. Your limo marketing efforts will improve greatly when you use your blog wisely.

There are a number of blog post formats that you can use to frame your material, and which ones you choose to use will be a matter of personal preference and your own particular business objectives. From lists or instructional posts to news commentary or interesting things you want to share with your readers, you have great options for blog post formats, noted a recent article at Duct Tape Marketing.

 Comments on News Items

You regularly read news items to stay up-to-date on the ground transportation services industry and related fields. It stands to reason that many of your customers will want to read the same details but may not have the time to do so on a consistent basis. 

You can do them a great service by keeping tabs on events yourself. Summarize the story or situation and then offer some commentary for your readers.

Weekly Shares

Every week, you undoubtedly run across many news items, websites, editorials, images, videos and other things that you know your blog's readers will want to know about. 

How about writing at least one post each week to share your latest discoveries? The more you share, the more people will remain engaged with you, coming back for your next great post.


Some of your customers will have little or no experience in booking rides with chauffeured transportation services firms. You can help them out by writing blog posts that include how-to information, such as how to pick a limousine firm or which vehicle would be best for a particular type of event.


Who doesn't love a good top 10 list? Or a list of the "5 best somethings" or "Three Ways to Do XYZ"? Periodically look at your potential blog post topics and see which ones might be best presented in the form of a list. 

For example, you could put up a blog post about the five worst freeways in the United States in terms of traffic or disrepair. If you do a lot of business taking VIPs to the downtown convention center, write a blog post about five great restaurants or other establishments in the surrounding area.

Reader Emails

Once you have built up a substantial number of blog posts and are starting to see readers showing interest (how many of them are clicking links to your posts), you may start to see a critical mass where readers want to comment. 

Select choice excerpts from comments they leave about various topics (such as a question you pose to readers about a recent event) and they will practically write the post for you!

At DriveProfit, each member of our senior marketing team has more than 20 years of experience in the chauffeured transportation services industry. When it comes to blog posts, we find that if our customers put up new posts on a regular basis, it can do wonders for improving their search engine ranking as well as attract the attention of promising new customers. For more information on developing blog posts or to start a new limousine marketing campaign, please contact the professionally trained experts at DriveProfit today at 203.426.7780 or email us at

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