Boosting Limousine Sales by Providing Excellent Customer Service

Posted on Oct 10th 2015 under Customer Satisfaction

If you deliver a better service, won't the world beat a pathway to your door? Limousine companies that take customers for granted (such as when they enjoy a near monopoly in the market) may continue to coast for a while on the good will they've generated over the years, but eventually customers will wise up and determine that there must be a better company nearby for arranging limousine rides.

If your sales have been lackluster for longer than you can remember, clearly some kind of change is in order for how you run the business. The proven method for increasing sales is to make a bigger effort in providing excellent customer service.

That might seem obvious, since service and trust are at the heart of any company offering limousine transportation. What might not be so immediately obvious to you, however, is the fact that small changes to improve customer service and deliver a better customer experience can boost limousine sales.

Sobering Statistics

If you're not the type of person who accepts assertions about marketing and advertising on their face, you expect to see some numbers to support any arguments made. With that in mind, consider that 89% of customers will stop doing business with a company if they come across bad customer service, according to recent statistics.

In fact, more than half of buyers say they would pay more if doing so would improve their customer experience. Approximately 33% of buyers now think that most companies are focusing less on delivering excellent customer service than they did in years past.

How to Improve Customer Service and the Customer Experience

Begin by making it clear to your employees how important customer satisfaction is to the long-term health of your business. If you never spelled it out before, members of your team may think that the current way of doing things is standard operating procedure. 

Remind employees how much they favor other companies that deliver outstanding service, and how they probably tend to stop doing business with companies that ignore their needs or slack off on service. This alone may drive home the fact that they have to treat your customers with much greater care, going forward.

Good customer service involves communicating with customers the way they prefer receiving messages. Don't send them text messages if they prefer to get special offers by email, for example. Use your social media channels to announce a new promotion to see if it gets more traction than if you posted about it on your limousine company's blog.

 Has your company's previously strong commitment to providing excellent customer service become weakened in recent years? All the limousine marketing you can generate won't do much to help your bottom line if customers don't enjoy their experience with your staff. 

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