Case Study: How Premier Limousine Processed 15,000 Quotes and Improved Customer Happiness and Retention

For over 30 years, Founder and CEO Stephen DiMarco has made Premier Limousine's focus to provide luxury chauffeured transportation services in the Connecticut, New England and surrounding areas. Today, Premier Limousine has the largest fleet in Connecticut, consisting of 20 coach buses, 16 mini and limo buses and 100 luxury sedans and limousines. Globally, Premier Limousine offers transportation services in more than 500 locations and services more than 700 airports.

By focusing on putting clients' needs first, Premier Limousine has established a distinguished client list of Fortune 100 companies in Connecticut. This commitment to customer service is what drove the company to turn to DriveProfit. Premier Limousine wanted to make it easier for both existing and new customers to receive quotes on chauffeured transportation services for any occasion. In addition, Premier Limousine was looking to improve upon on its services and customer retention by gaining valuable feedback from customers and implementing ways to build authentic relationships.


"Premier Limousine's dedicated team members are committed to providing customers with the services and information they need in a timely manner. However, with a growing number of individuals, groups and organizations needing quotes for various needs, occasions and events, we were finding it more and more difficult to send customers their requested quotes quickly," said Steve DiMarco.

To scale up the company's quote processing capabilities, it was essential for customers to receive quotes efficiently, while improving the productiving of Premier Limousine's staff. "By following up on a request quickly, we have a better opportunity to turn prospects into clients," added Steve DiMarco.


DriveProfit set up the REACT semi-automated online quoting system to give Premier Limousine a fast and efficient way to send customers a quote within a matter of minutes, while making the process much more efficient for its staff. Once a quote is placed via a request form on the company's website, staff members are alerted of the request through email and can log into the REACT system to claim and complete the quote. With systems integration, staff members can now pull pricing directly from Premier Limousine's reservation software, thus cutting the quoting time significantly. They are also able to schedule automated follow-up emails, see why quotes were declined, or book an accepted quote all within the system.

"By helping my staff get quotes easier, we're able to respond to requests much faster, giving us the chance to gain a lot more new business opportunities," said Steve DiMarco.


In order to better understand how to improve its customer service capabilities, Premier Limousine needed a way to easily gain feedback and suggestions from the customers it had served. "We take great pride in offering customers exceptional service every single time they travel with us, but we had no way of knowing what their experiences were really like," said Stephen DiMarco.

As well as gaining insight into how their services were being provided, Premier Limousine also wanted to know if their customers had any thoughts around service improvements. "We want to make sure that we're always working to enhance the way we serve our customers, and there's no better way of understanding their needs than actually hearing it directly from them," Stephen DiMarco added.


DriveProfit's REVIEW automated customer review system gave Premier Limousine a simple way to hear from their customers when their reservations are completed. After a trip, customers receive a text message or an email requesting them to rate the service they were provided based on a five-star scale. If they choose five stars, they are automatically prompted to share their experiences on public review forums, such as Google, Facebook, Yelp and TripAdvisor. For weddings, REVIEW offers couples the opportunity to share their experiences on sites, like The Knot and WeddingWire.

If clients gives a review of four stars and under, they are asked to leave a comment as to what could've been improved upon. This feedback gets sent directly to Premier Limousine's office, giving its team the ability to address clients' concerns immediately.

"We're utilizing the feedback we receive through our REVIEW system to make improvements to our services and to ensure that any problems customers had never occur again in the future. This information is vital, and we're extremely thankful to have this insight. On top of that, it's amazing to see the amount of positive experiences that our customers have had showcased on reputable sites. Online reviews are essential when it comes to people considering who to work with, and we've received a number of opportunities based on this," said Stephen DiMarco.


"Receiving interest from a new customer or getting hired is one thing, but keeping a customer interested or coming back is another, particularly when it comes to chauffeured transportation. When it comes to things like weddings or special occasions, customers have many options available out there, and it's likely that they won't think of us again in the future, which is why we wanted to implement ways to stay in customers' minds," said Steve DiMarco.

Premier Limousine was looking to keep customers interested in and coming back for their services and understood that maintaining constant communication was key. "We needed an easy and organized way for our team to build relationships with potential and existing customers," Steve DiMarco added.


DriveProfit set up its RELATE customer retention management system to help Premier Limousine track and manage conversations with new and existing leads and clients. The system schedules reminders that now help the company's staff members stay on top of budding relationships, thus nurturing growth and closing more accounts.

"By helping us track leads from source to conversion and giving us the ability to stay connected to our customers with scheduled follow-ups, we can now build a communications plan that capitalizes on emerging opportunities. Additionally, using DriveProfit's pre-designed messages lets us quickly and effectively launch marketing campaigns to drive our brand's growth," said Steve DiMarco.

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Posted on Jul 10 2018

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Case Study: How Premier Limousine Processed 15,000 Quotes and Improved Customer Happiness and Retention



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