Guest Blog Post — Jim Luff from Chosen Payments | Check Out Your Competitors Social Media Pages

Do you ever visit your competitors social media pages just to see what they look like?  You probably should just so you know just how they are competing against you.  You can also learn their weak points and how you can capitalize on what they are not sharing.

While there is nothing that says you have to copy them, there is also nothing that says you can’t steal from them.  We’re not talking about completely copying them but rather becoming “inspired” by them to take a good concept and make it a great concept.

Here are six things you can check on your competitors social media pages:

  1. What are they doing to show their personality or flavor?

Social media marketing really comes down to educating the viewer about your business.  Education can be everything from how you hire people to the price you charge, the company history, key management and other interesting facts about your business.  This includes photos.  If your competitor has a photo of one of their top employees, don’t be afraid to mix it up and show your employee with their child or their dog.  Those photos are always a hit and humanize your business.  Don’t be afraid to use funny memes either.  Dare to be different and show that your company isn’t just a company but a group of humans serving humans.

  1. How often are they posting?

Some companies seem like they just like to post to be posting all day long.  Some post blog after blog after blog.  This isn’t always a good thing unless you are sure your audience has the time to spend hours upon hours of reading and absorbing your blogs.  Using webinars, videos, quizzes and polls can help you engage your readers instead of just seeing you post and post away.  Set a posting schedule so you update regularly with fresh content that keeps people coming back to see what you have posted.

Monitor what your competitor is posting and see where their content is coming from.  Are they using original material?  Are they sharing from other social media sites?  Do they create a reason to keep coming back?  Whatever they are doing, you need to do it too and do it better?

  1. What relevance are they delivering?

Creating relevant content for your audience doesn't always mean writing all original content every single time you post.  It means posting things that are relative to your client, your company and marrying the two together.  Search for content from other sources that would engage your audience.

  1. Are they capitalizing on content?

Most of your competitors are probably posting some type of content.  Perhaps a limo company shows photos of brides and grooms that use their service.  While this was a special day for the bride and groom, does your audience really care?  If you show the bride and groom standing next to a limo on a red carpet, it suggests that you offer red carpet service.  Make your posts have meaning.

  1. What's makes me click?

Pay attention when you are visiting your competitors pages for the number of clicks you make.  Have they sucked you in?  How did they do it?  Was it a video that was on auto-play and you had to click it to see it from the beginning?  Was it a story about something you wanted to see more of and you clicked the link?  What is it that makes your customers click.  Again, figure this out using your competitors social media sites and make yours better.  Do big bright headlines draw you in?  Is it photos that draw you in?  Figure it out.

  1. Are they engaging?

While your business might not be involved in food, what if you had an “Employee Recipe of the Month” where your employees submitted their favorite recipes.  Everyone has to eat.  This is a method that could drive further engagement.  Consider a how-to video.  Perhaps a limousine company offers wine tours.  A how-to wine taste video could educate people about why crackers are on the bar or what a spit bucket is or why different types of glasses are used.  These are just a few of the thing you can do to draw people in.  You never know, someone could watch the wine tasting video and decide they want to go wine tasting for the first time.

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Posted on May 04 2017

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Guest Blog Post — Jim Luff from Chosen Payments | Check Out Your Competitors Social Media Pages



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