Consistency is the Key to Customer Satisfaction

Posted on Jul 6th 2015 under Customer Relationships

It's no surprise that there are so many fast food restaurant chains and chain stores with identical outlets throughout the country. The result is that wherever you drive, from small towns to big cities, you can count on getting roughly the same experience, time after time. People prize consistency and will reward companies that deliver them the same level of quality in terms of goods and services each and every time.

When you think about it, consistency is the key to customer satisfaction. Is your limousine company providing excellent service on a consistent basis to all customers, both new and old? If not, there are steps you can take to improve the level of consistency, going forward, noted a recent article at McKinsey & Company.

The Customer Journey

If you're not consistent in providing the same customer journey to all the loyal individuals who support your business, how can you expect to retain them? You and your team must strive to provide excellent service every day of the year.

You can accomplish this by establishing policies on how your team should act when interacting with customers. How you respond to text messages, emails and queries through the question form on your limo company's website should be the same across the board, for example.

Chauffeurs should all adhere to the same dress code you've established, and customer service should answer phone calls, emails and text messages in the same way each time. If you have a policy of same-day response to all emails, your staff will know that there will be repercussions if they drag their feet.


Emotional consistency is highly important in business relationships. You know that you are doing a good job at running your company when customers report that they have good feelings about your brand and that they trust you.

In fact, strong bonds are the name of the game when it comes to chauffeured transportation services. Trust is even more valuable than ever. There has been so much trust lost to the new transportation networking companies that are shaking up the industry with their rogue business practices that use apps instead of traditional brick and mortar infrastructure.

Are you consistent in your messaging? The brand of your limousine company will be enhanced when you shape and deliver your key messages in a consistent manner.

For example, if you are competing heavily on cost to distinguish yourself from higher costing local rivals, you should stick to that message and all that it implies about your potential customers. Suddenly switching to promote some other promise about your brand can lead to confusion.

Instead, you'll continue to stress that it's a better economic move to make arrangements with your company for activities like regular trips to and from the airport or shuttle service for a company that wants to go beyond carpooling to save employees time and money.

The more consistent the experience you can provide to each of your customers, the more you can count on them remaining loyal and happy to continue doing business with you. Your limousine marketing efforts can keep bringing great leads your way each month, but if you don't take care of the customers with the same attention to detail, you could wind up losing them to your fiercest competitors.

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